Safe Streets Are a Priority for San Diego City Council

Vision Zero received overwhelming support from the majority of Councilmembers in the first release of the City Council’s budget priorities this year. Circulate San Diego’s top priority in the FY 2019 budget season is the prioritization of safe streets and the budget priorities show that the City’s Councilmembers agree with us: Vision Zero must be prioritized. Eight out of nine Councilmembers prioritized bicycle and pedestrian safety this year, an increase from last year!

Thank you to all of the Councilmembers who prioritized safe streets in their memos! Here are some highlights from Councilmember prioritization of safe streets:

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Letter: Circulate Supports SANDAG Projects

It is definitely grant season! And while Circulate San Diego is fast at work submitting our own proposals to fulfill our mission of creating excellent mobility choices and vibrant, healthy neighborhoods, we are also writing many letters to support the grant applications of other agencies and organizations. Below is a roundup of the SANDAG grant proposals we are supporting.

Local Partnership Program - Support for San Diego North Coast Corridor: Multimodal Improvements. 

This project would construct critical multi-modal improvements to improve infrastructure condition, and address safety within the San Diego North Coast Corridor. Read the full letter, click here.

Solutions for Congested Corridors Program - San Diego North Coast Corridor: Build NCC Phase 1

The Build NCC project will address critical transportation needs along the Interstate 5 (I-5) corridor, while helping to reduce congestion, enhance the coastal environment, strengthen the economy, and improve quality of life in the San Diego region. To read the full letter, click here

Trade Corridor Enhancement Program – Sorrento to Miramar Phase 2 Intermodal Improvements Project

This project is a critical improvement project located on the state’s busiest rail corridor. It closes a gap by building a second track and straightens several curves along the slowest section of the corridor between San Diego and Los Angeles. Further, the speed restrictions along this section restrict operational reliability and flexibility, which result in delays for both passenger and freight services. To read the full letter, click here.

Support for The Future of Mobility: Ride-Hailing Data Collection and Analysis

Transportation Network Companies (TNC) such as Uber and Lyft present great opportunities to improve mobility for local residents. This research would help transportation planners and the public to understand the impacts of TNCs.  This effort will fill a crucial gap in the data necessary to plan for the growth of these services in our respective regions. To read the full letter, click here.

Letter: Response to Councilmember Comments at PSLN Committee Meeting

Circulate San Diego wrote a letter in response to comments regarding distracted pedestrians made at the Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee meeting today. Circulate does not support the criminalization of pedestrians that would result from any ordinance targeting distracted pedestrians. Every road user should be aware and safe, and Circulate supports education, encouragement, and awareness programs that promote safe walking, cycling, and driving. The City’s Vision Zero and Climate Action Plan goals will be met through a commitment to traffic safety improvements and encouraging safe walking, cycling, and driving habits.
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Press Release: MOVE Alliance Certifies Joint Occupancy Project in Miramar Ranch North

MOVEalliance-Logo_Final.jpgFor Immediate Release:


MOVE Alliance: Colin Parent | (858) 442-7374|

Monarch Group: Chris Wahl | (858) 361-4750 |

MOVE Alliance Certifies Joint Occupancy Project in Miramar Ranch North

Development will increase housing options on San Diego Unified School District property

SAN DIEGO (January 22, 2018– The MOVE Alliance is pleased to announce the certification of Monarch Group’s Scripps Mesa Joint Occupancy Project in Miramar Ranch North. The 264 unit smart growth, suburban infill development will provide residents with a range of incomes the ability to live, work, and play. This is especially important for an area which currently has limited multi-family, affordable, and workforce homes.

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Press Release: Five Pedestrians Seriously Injured and One Killed in 10 Days


Media Contact:

Maya Rosas

Cell: 310-804-5256 

Five Pedestrians Seriously Injured and One Killed in 10 Days

SAN DIEGO (January 17, 2018) – Since last Saturday, five pedestrians have been seriously injured and one killed in the City of San Diego. Ages ranging from 39-years-old to 79-years-old, the collisions were located in City Heights, North Park, Downtown, Barrio Logan, Normal Heights, and Pacific Beach. Three of the collisions, one involving a 78-year-old woman who succumbed to her injuries, took place on Vision Zero corridors University Avenue, El Cajon Boulevard, and Imperial Avenue.

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Press Release: Circulate San Diego Housing Recommendations in Mayor Faulconer’s State of the City Speech


Media Contact: Colin Parent
Cell: (858) 442-7374

Circulate San Diego Housing Recommendations in Mayor Faulconer’s State of the City Speech

SAN DIEGO (January 12, 2018) – During last night’s State of the City speech, Mayor Kevin Faulconer laid out a bold housing agenda that adopted a number of recommendations from Circulate San Diego.

In January 2017, Circulate San Diego released a report titled “Transit Oriented Development.” In that report, we outlined a variety of city-wide policies that could be adopted to promote the location of more market-rate and affordable homes near San Diego’s transit infrastructure.

“Circulate San Diego is a strong supporter of Kevin Faulconer’s continuing efforts to make San Diego more affordable,” said Colin Parent, Executive Director and General Counsel of Circulate San Diego. “We are glad that our research and advocacy is helping to inform the policy goals of our region’s largest city.”

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Press Release: 78-Year-Old Killed On Dangerous Corridor


Media Contact:

Maya Rosas

Cell: 310-804-5256

78-Year-Old Killed On Dangerous Corridor

SAN DIEGO (January 9, 2018) – A 78-year-old woman has died after being struck by a car on the 3200 block of University Avenue, one of the most dangerous corridors in the City of San Diego. At approximately 8:30 PM on Saturday, a teenage driver hit the woman who was crossing the street midblock in North Park.

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Letter: Support for Ride Between the Lines: Enhancing Access to Transit in San Diego

Circulate San Diego wrote a letter to the California State Transportation Agency supporting the “Ride Between the Lines: Enhancing Access to Transit in San Diego” grant application submitted by the San Diego Association of Governments.

The proposed project would implement improvements at 23 bus stops, including improved bicycle facilities and the introduction of transit islands to the San Diego region along Clairemont Mesa Boulevard and University Avenue – two corridors in the San Diego region with high transit frequency, transit ridership, and pedestrian volumes.

Read the entire letter here [PDF].


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