Quality of Life: What to expect in a Quality of Life measure – Part A

SD-LV-1-A-006.jpgThis is Part 2 of a series of blog posts from Circulate San Diego about a potential 2016 Quality of Life measure.

It will be some time before SANDAG decides whether and how to move forward with a Quality of Life measure in 2016. However, there are some useful clues that can help advocates and the public understand what elements SANDAG is likely to include in a region-wide measure.

A Quality of Life measure is likely to generate approximately $26 billion over 40 years. SANDAG assumes in their 2015 regional plan that voters will approve a quarter cent sales tax, over 30 years, which would generate $10 billion. As explained below, SANDAG plans to spend that $10 billion on transit operations. However, SANDAG’s public board discussions and their recent polling have contemplated a half-cent sales tax over a 40-year period. Combined, that will mean a total of $26 billion raised over 40 years, and $16 billion in projects SANDAG can fund, above and beyond what their current Regional Plan already includes.

The below discussion outlines a variety of uses SANDAG may have for Quality of Life revenue. While estimated figures for each use are listed where available, the ultimate mix of projects and programs have not yet been finalized by the SANDAG board.

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Quality of Life: How San Diego funds transportation with self-help tax measures

This is Part 1 of a series of blog posts from Circulate San Diego about a potential 2016 Quality of Life measure.

SD-CO-2-A-20.jpgThe San Diego region already passed two tax measures to fund transportation and other expenditures. The first measure was titled “TrasNet,” and it was adopted in 1988. It included a half cent region-wide sales tax and provisions for a variety of projects that the tax measure would fund. The second measure was called the “TransNet Extension,” and it extended the original measure for 40 years, and it amended the list of projects to be completed. Around the office at Circulate San Diego, we like to call 1998’s TransNet as “TransNet 1.0,” and the 2004 Extension as “TransNet 2.0.”

There has been some talk about renaming a future tax measure often called Quality of Life to “Forward San Diego,” or with some other catchy or descriptive title. Regardless of how it’s captioned on the ballot, it might be useful to think of a new region-wide revenue measure as “TransNet 3.0.”

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Quality of Life – A blog series from Circulate San Diego

SD-CC-1-LI-B-136.jpgToday, Circulate San Diego will begin publishing series of posts from our Policy Counsel Colin Parent about the proposed Quality of Life measure in 2016.

“Quality of Life,” or “QoL” for short, is a region-wide sales tax measure being contemplated by SANDAG, the region’s transportation and land use planning agency, made up by the County of San Diego and the various cities within it.

This series is intended to provide some basic background information about how the region funds transportation programs, and how a new ballot measure could improve transportation choices into the future.

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Press Release: MOVE Alliance Certifies Four Urban Infill Projects to Improve Mobility

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Colin Parent | Cell: (858) 442-7374 | CParent@circulatesd.org

MOVE Alliance Certifies Four Urban Infill Projects to Improve Mobility

Developments will increase mobility in San Diego and Lemon Grove

SAN DIEGO (October 26, 2015)-­‐-­‐-­The MOVE Alliance is pleased to announce the certification of four small-scale urban infill projects in the cities of San Diego and Lemon Grove. Three out of four of the smart growth projects will provide affordable housing, and all are near high quality transit.

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City Council to Vote on Adopting Goal of Zero Traffic Deaths

Kathleen Ferrier, Circulate San Diego, 619-571-5231, kferrier@circulatesd.org
Gina Jacobs, Office of Councilman Mark Kersey, 619-236-6546, gjacobs@sandiego.gov

                                     City Council to Vote on Adopting Goal of Zero Traffic Deaths

San Diego, California (October 27, 2015) –San Diego’s City Council will vote on Tuesday, October 27 whether to adopt a resolution called Vision Zero that aims to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2025 in the City. San Diego Councilmembers, members of the Vision Zero coalition, and victims of traffic collisions will gather at noon to acknowledge this important decision.

WHEN: Tuesday, October 27, 12:00 noon

WHERE: Civic Plaza, 202 C Street, San Diego, CA 92101

WHAT: Council to vote on adopting resolution to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries in San Diego by 2025


San Diego City Councilmember Mark Kersey
San Diego Council President Pro Tem Marti Emerald
El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association, Polly Gillette, Boardmember
Rady Children’s Hospital, Mary Beth Moran, Injury Prevention Manager
Carol Lord, Traffic Collision Victim

WHY: The City has experienced an alarming increase in traffic deaths, especially among pedestrians, over the past several years. Traffic collisions now claim twice as many lives in San Diego as homicides.

The City’s Infrastructure Committee unanimously approved a Vision Zero Resolution last month, and the City Council is now set for a vote Tuesday October 27, 10 am. If approved, the Council will adopt a goal of eliminating traffic deaths and serious injuries in San Diego by 2025. Initial steps will be to form a Vision Zero Task Force and create an action plan for reaching the goal of zero traffic deaths.

“Implementing the Vision Zero framework, in coordination with the City’s Pedestrian Master Plan and Bicycle Master Plan, is essential to ensuring our streets, sidewalks, and bike lanes are as safe as possible,” said Councilmember Mark Kersey .

The motion to adopt a Vision Zero resolution comes not one moment too early in San Diego. Traffic collisions have been on the rise since 2012 and the number of traffic deaths each year is twice the rate of homicides.

For the numerous organizations supporting the campaign, Vision Zero represents a coherent effort to highlight many street improvement projects they have advocated for over several years.


Circulator- Vision Zero, Connect La Mesa, Momentum Awards

#VisionZero Resolution Goes to City Council

After unanimous approval from the Infrastructure Committee last month, the #VisionZero Resolution is going to City Council next Tuesday, October 27.  

Thank you to Councilmember Mark Kersey for moving this forward. If approved, the Council will adopt a goal of eliminating traffic deaths and serious injuries in San Diego by 2025. Initial steps will be to form a Vision Zero Task Force and create an action plan for reaching the goal of zero traffic deaths. 

Attend the Council hearing to speak in support of safe streets.

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Thanks for Attending the 2015 Momentum Awards


A gathering of business leaders, elected officials, planners, architects, and urbanists converged earlier this week to honor the nominees and recipients of Circulate San Diego’s Momentum Awards. The gala was held atop San Diego’s Central Library, nestled in the heart of the East Village.

The Momentum Awards celebrate mobility, great neighborhoods, connected communities, and sustainable development, while recognizing the achievements of visionary civic leaders and businesses. By shining a light on the people and projects that are promoting the changes that will lead to a more sustainable future, the Momentum Awards encourage others in the community to follow suit.

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Press Release: MOVE Alliance Certifies 7th and Market Project

For Immediate Release:


MOVE Alliance: Colin Parent | 619.544.9255 ext. 310 | cparent@circulatesd.org

Cisterra Development:  Jason Wood | 858-615-1254 | jwood@cisterra.com


'Vertical City' Receives MOVE Alliance Certification

7th & Market Brings Hotel, Grocery, Housing, & More to East Village


SAN DIEGO (October 19, 2015The MOVE Alliance is pleased to announce the certification of 7th & Market, the proposed Cisterra Development mixed use project in East Village. This innovative project will provide residential, retail, commercial office, hotel, grocery store, and public park space in one city block in the East Village.

“7th & Market will provide a place for people to live, work, relax, play, dine, and shop in this walkable, bikeable, and transit-oriented area,” said Jim Stone, Executive Director of Circulate San Diego, the parent organization of MOVE Alliance.

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Governor Brown Signs AB 744, a Smart Growth Victory for California

The North Parker in North ParkOn Friday, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law AB 744, which updates California’s Density Bonus law by allowing developments to build less parking if they maintain a portion of their units as affordable to low income residents. Circulate San Diego helped draft and champion this bill.

News coverage has recently highlighted San Diego’s very poor performance for allowing new housing near transit, especially for affordable homes. Fortunately, developing state law continues to provide some relief to shortsighted local policies.

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SANDAG Approves Flawed Regional Plan, But Hope Remains

presser.jpgUnfortunately, today the SANDAG Board votes to approve a flawed Regional Plan, the work continues. SANDAG is currently preparing a regional "Quality of Life" measure that may give voters an opportunity to fund acceleration of transit and active transportation projects.

SANDAG’s Regional Plan assumes a Quality of Life measure that generates a 1/4 cent sales tax over a 30 year period. Yet, SANDAG is currently contemplating a 1/2 cent sales tax over a 40 year period–more than twice the Quality of Life revenue contemplated by the Draft 2015 Regional Plan.

With additional resources, SANDAG will have substantially more funding flexibility to advance transit and active transportation projects into earlier periods of the region’s transportation plan. If the Regional Plan represents what SANDAG is willing to do today, Quality of Life should represent our aspirations for tomorrow.

Check out our Op-Ed in the Voice of San Diego to learn more about our position on the Regional Plan.



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