Circulator - July 15th

Growing Support to Complete the Gap in Hillcrest

One year ago, 60+ bicycle and community advocates filed into the SANDAG Board Room to pledge support for a proposed protected bikeway on University Avenue in the heart of Hillcrest. Speaker after speaker testified about their discomfort riding the corridor because of feeling unsafe or a fear to even approach the corridor on a bicycle. A continuous protected bikeway would not only make them feel safe, it would encourage more people to bike. Some spoke in opposition to the project but the resounding majority were there to support.

Fast forward a year and ... Read the entire blog post here.

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Pop-up Spotlight: Rose Canyon Path for Balboa Station Plan


Circulate San Diego is busy this summer with pop-up events taking place all over the City and County. The pop-ups, mobile and temporary in nature, are meant to engage residents with refreshments, fun, and creativity while providing an opportunity to learn and give feedback on local projects.

 As part of Circulate’s ongoing Spotlight blog series, we will start highlighting unique pop-ups that are part of innovative projects occurring in San Diego. One project in particular, the Balboa Station Plan for the Mid-Coast Trolley, has been utilizing pop-engagement through late spring and early summer with an especially relevant event over the July 4th weekend.

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Circulator - July 1st


We are excited to announce the call for nominations for Circulate San Diego’s 2016 Momentum Awards. These awards honor the people and projects that support forward-thinking multi-modal transportation choices and healthy communities in the San Diego region. Submissions are due by July 15, 2016. Award categories are:

Star_Only.jpgCitizens Award

Star_Only.jpgHealthy Community Award

Star_Only.jpgLocal Hero Award

Star_Only.jpgComplete Streets Project Award

Star_Only.jpgConnectivity Project Award

Star_Only.jpgSmart Growth Award

Do you know of a person or project that deserves a Momentum Award? To submit a nomination, please click here.

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Vision Zero Moves Ahead Slowly but Surely in San Diego

It’s amazing to read about cities across the country embracing the common goal of Vision Zero, to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries to zero. In just over a year the movement has spread to more than 15 cities. These cities have quickly assembled teams of multi-disciplinary departments, dug deep into data to understand why crashes are happening, launched multi-media campaigns to provide education, implemented millions of dollars of safe infrastructure, and dived deep into the issue of equity which is at the root of the movement.

I’ll be frank: San Diego is not yet considered one of the leader cities in this movement in terms of robust programming, but the initiative is enjoying some success here. We at Circulate are pleased to see Vision Zero San Diego move forward. Yesterday in particular was a pretty good day. Two items of note are highlighted below. 

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Walking Spotlight: Walking For Fitness in Chula Vista


May 2016 - Walking For Fitness (WFF) is a group of 30+ residents, ranging in ages from early 50s to late 80s. WFF team walkers make a strong effort to walk daily, but if not daily, at least six days a week. WFF team walkers walk around their Chula Vista neighborhoods during unscheduled walk days. On scheduled days for walking they meet at Norman Park Senior Center and the group walks around Downtown Chula Vista, and most Thursdays, the group meets at the J Street Marina Park or Plaza Bonita or locations suggested in advance by team walkers for off-site walking.

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Press Release: Circulate San Diego Supports SANDAG Ballot Measure after Significant Improvements Adopted

CONTACT: Colin Parent
(858) 442-7374


Circulate San Diego Supports SANDAG Ballot Measure after Significant Improvements Adopted

Today, the SANDAG board voted to make significant changes to advance transit in their proposed 2016 ballot measure. Over the course of the last nine months, advocates for transit, active transportation, the environment, workers, and social equity advocated to improve SANDAG’s proposed 2016 ballot measure.

Advocates from Circulate San Diego among many other organizations were able to accomplish a substantial amount, changing the course of literally billions in potential funding.

Circulate San Diego will now support the ballot measure, in recognition of these significant improvements.

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Letter: Amendments to strengthen commitments to transit in SANDAG’s 2016 ballot measure

Circulate wrote a letter to provide final recommendations for how to provide certainty for advancing transit in SANDAG’s proposed 2016 ballot measure. Circulate San Diego is willing to support a ballot measure that commits to building priority transit projects in a reasonable time frame of 15 years.

Read our full letter here [PDF].

Circulator - June 17th

Policy Letter: Commitments to advancing transit in SANDAG’s 2016 ballot measure

Circulate San Diego issued a letter with recommendations for how to provide certainty for advancing transit in SANDAG’s proposed 2016 ballot measure. We believe that the measure can be further improved by providing a reasonable time frame to complete the remaining transit projects listed in the measure’s Priority Corridors program.

The most recent draft langue discussed at the June 10, 2016 board meeting provides clarity and certainty for when SANDAG’s measure would distribute active transportation funding and finance trolley service enhancements. KPBS reported on the progress at the board meeting, where the board contemplated committing to earlier funding for public transit and biking projects.

Read the letter here (PDF).


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New Report Provides Questions for Walkability in San Diego


The trend towards more walkable places in San Diego and around the country has been picking up steam and provides more concrete benefits than previously understood. Early this week Smart Growth America released its newest report Foot Traffic Ahead 2016 which analyzes walkable urbanism in the US’s 30 largest metro areas. This research does not look at the difference between urban and suburban, instead it considers walkable places or “Walkable Urban Developments” versus “Drivable Sub-Urban” places.  The report refers to regionally significant, walkable urban places as “WalkUPs.”  

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Letter: Coalition of Supporters for Affordable Homes Bonus Program

Circulate San Diego organized a coalition of affordable housing advocates, market-rate developers, REALTORS, business groups, and climate change activists to support the proposed update to the City of San Diego's Affordable Homes Bonus Program. We submitted this joint support letter to City decision-makers. [PDF]

As reported by KPBS, the proposal was adopted unanimously by the City Council, and it will provide a variety of benefits to projects that incorporate affordable homes. 

Additional Backup Information:

Initial Working Group proposal for Affordable Homes Bonus Program update [PDF]

Current production numbers for State Density Bonus in San Diego as of 2016, based on figures from the San Diego Housing Commission [PDF]


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