Intro Spotlight: Dane Thompson

Circulate's new intern, Dane Thompson has joined us for the spring. We're excited to welcome him to the team. Read his intro/spotlight to learn more about him.

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Public Speaking Training

A catalyst for community participation

Circulate San Diego exists as a multidisciplinary think-tank with expertise in policy and planning. We believe that policy and planning are interconnected fields and Circulate San Diego’s services are enhanced when we blend these two areas of expertise. An example of this collaboration is our public speaking training, a unique program we have developed to support community engagement in local land use.

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Intro Spotlight: Davida Garcia

In keeping with our tradition of interviewing new hires, we asked our new administrator, Davida Garcia, a few questions so that you all can get to know her. 

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Letter: Recommendations for Councilmember Budget Priority Memoranda for FY 2020

Circulate San Diego submitted a letter with recommendations for the FY 2020 budget today. These investments, if funded, will save lives, help the City of San Diego reach its Vision Zero and Climate Action Plan goals, and increase community representation and participation in community planning groups.

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Press Release: Four Pedestrians and Cyclists Injured in 2019


Media Contact:
Maya Rosas
Cell: 310-804-5256

Four Pedestrians and Cyclists Injured in 2019

SAN DIEGO (January 8th, 2018) – Four pedestrians and one cyclist have been seriously injured in the first eight days of 2019. This follows 57 pedestrian, motorcyclist, and motorist deaths on the City of San Diego’s streets in 2018, according to the San Diego Police Department.

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How to be an advocate

As a nonprofit, Circulate San Diego relies on the support of our many members and donors. End-of-year giving is a major portion of our fundraising, and we have been asking everyone to lend their support.

Below is an email we sent earlier this week. It describes our model for advocacy, and it invites readers to join us as an Individual Member

If you believe in the work we do at Circulate, please consider joining us. San Diego needs your help.

-Colin Parent
Executive Director and General Counsel
Circulate San Diego


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