Recap - Successful Event - How to Join Your Community Planning Group


I am civically minded and wanted to give back to my community.

I realized a way to get more housing in my community was through planning, so I looked into joining my community planning group.

I want to stay in my community and this is a way to contribute my love for the community.

These were some of the experiences shared by four panelists last week on why they joined their community planning group. The event “How to Join Your Community Planning Group” was organized and hosted by Circulate San Diego to encourage more folks to get involved. The evening provided a hearty discussion of benefits from getting involved and advice on how to get started.

For those that could not attend the event, Circulate San Diego maintains a resource page for how members of the public can join their community planning groups.

How to Get Started

Panelists had good advice on how to get started with a community planning group that they shared through Q&A as well as through their personal testimonies.

-         Join a Subcommittee: Several of the planning groups have subcommittees like transportation, urban design, and others. Contact the chair to ask which are available in your community.

-         Get on an email list: It doesn’t get easier than this. Get on the right list to receive emails on meetings and other announcements to become familiar with the issues the planning group is dealing with.

-         Attend meetings to listen: As one of the panelists commented, getting involved in the planning group allows you to learn what people value and why. Attend meetings to hear discussion and determine whether or not you are still interested.

-         Meet with the chair or someone else on the committee: It may seem overwhelming to join and participate, but find out from people who are active on their planning group what’s really happening. As shared by one of the panelists, meeting with folks already involved and talking can also help develop mutual respect for one another.

-          In communities where being elected to the community planning group is highly competitive, do all of the things above to develop more relationships in the community and help folks recognize you as an interested person.

Overall, the panelists were very complimentary of their experience touting it helped them join in dialogues about issues they care about, gave them a different perspective, supported personal professional development, and provided personal fulfillment from being involved in the community.

We know there are tough issues discussed by community planning groups. One of the panelists summarized the experience well: Being involved in civic engagement is rewarding – at times frustrating – but this type of discourse in our communities is important.

Last week’s event was co-sponsored by BikeSD, Center on Policy Initiatives, League of Women Voters, San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, and the San Diego Leadership Alliance.


Letter: Any Infrastructure Measure Passed by the City of San Diego Should Contain Funds for Affordable Homes

There are several options for any measure that finances infrastructure to also contribute to affordable homes. The City of San Diego must ensure that housing affordability is a key feature of its infrastructure agendas.

Read the complete letter here: [PDF]

Bike-Friendly, MOVE Alliance Project Gains Approval

MOVEalliance-Logo_Final.jpgThe MOVE Alliance is pleased to announce that the City Council approved  the 5030 College Avenue Apartments last Tuesday.

The project is a student housing project in the College Area proposed  by Capstone Development Partners. The project provides housing close to the San Diego State University campus in a walkable, bikeable, transit-oriented, urban infill location.

“This project has tremendous potential for encouraging residents to take transit and ride bicycles rather than to use other vehicles,” said Jim Stone, Executive Director of Circulate San Diego, the parent organization of the MOVE Alliance.

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Frequent Flier Miles, for the Bus

SanDiegoMTS_CNGbus1111-600x314.jpgFrom time to time, Circulate San Diego shares posts from members of our community with ideas about how to improve transportation, land use, and our region’s quality of life. While these ideas do not necessarily represent the policy positions of Circulate San Diego, we think they’re worth a look!

Below is an op-ed contribution from Matthew Strabone, a supporter of Circulate San Diego and an attorney based in the City of San Diego.

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Circulator- Call for Volunteers, How to Join a Community Planning Group, Program Spotlight, Public Input for SANDAG's 2016 Ballot Measure

SANDAG Quality of Life Measure Public Inputtransit.jpg

SANDAG is soliciting public input regarding a ballot measure it is planning for November 2016. We are asking Circulate San Diego supporters tell SANDAG they support a measure that advances transit and active transportation.

1. How you can help:

A. Complete this online survey and make your voice heard!

B. Attend one of SANDAG's telephone town halls. RSVP on the event page to let us know you'll participate. 

C. Attend one of SANDAG's Public Meetings. RSVP on the event page to let us know you'll participate. 

2. What to Tell SANDAG:

A. Any ballot measure should fund advancing transit faster than the recently adopted 2015 Regional Plan.

B. Any ballot measure should have funds for active transportation, including bicycling and safe infrastructure.

C. Any ballot measure should help fund affordable housing near transit, which has been shown to reduce greenhouse gasses.

Visit the event page to learn more about the public input process

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Program Spotlight: Safe Routes to Nature


Below is a Program Spotlight Blog from one of Circulate's newest staff members Paola Boylan, Program Coordinator. In the blog below, she spotlights just one of the terrific series of programs Circulate has been working on to improve sustainable mobility throughout the San Diego Region.

The Otay Valley Regional Park (OVRP) is an ideal place for a morning run, afternoon stroll with your family or even a mountain biking or horseback riding adventure. Elementary student across Otay are discovering this wonderful landscape through the Safe Routes to Nature Program spearheaded by Circulate San Diego and Funded by the San Diego Foundation. 

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REPORT: 2015 Regional Walk Scorecard

b6265467035dc38acc6ae8fa0401f921.JPGCirculate San Diego  published its report "2015 Regional Walk Scorecard," revealing and ranking the walkability and active transportation progress among the 18 cities in the San Diego region. 

Read the report online here.

Like many Americans, San Diegans increasingly demand safe, walkable neighborhoods. From City Heights to Carmel Valley, El Cajon to Solana Beach, Lemon Grove to Escondido, families contact our office to learn how to make their streets more walkable.

The San Diego Regional Walk Scorecard measures what cities in the region are doing to answer the call for improved walkability. Circulate San Diego’s predecessor organization WalkSanDiego created the Scorecard in 2012 to raise awareness of the actions that can improve walkability, and to foster healthy competition among cities in the San Diego region to champion walk-friendly policies and projects. This 2015 report is the third scorecard to be released.

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How Southeastern San Diego Residents Approved a Smart Growth Community Plan Update

image001.jpgBelow is a guest-blog from Chelsea Klaseus, Secretary of the Southeastern San Diego Planning Group. She shares her story of how Circulate San Diego helped her join her community planning group, and how that group recently adopted a smart-growth plan to encourage more transit oriented development.  

-          -          -          -    

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Circulator- Happy Holidays, New Staff, Congratulations to MOVE Alliance Projects

Happy Holidays from the Circulate San Diego Staff

The staff at Circulate San Diego would like to wish everyone a safe and healthy Holiday Season. Remember to stay active and  travel safely during the bustle of the holidays.

Happy Holidays!

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Congratulations to MOVE Alliance Projects

MOVEalliance-Logo_Final.jpgCirculate San Diego would like to congratulate two projects certified by our MOVE Alliance program  that took important steps towards project approval in the San Diego City Council on Tuesday.  Both of these projects represent the addition of premier community assets in two of San Diego’s most transit-rich and walkable neighborhoods of East Village and North Park.

The MOVE Alliance is a program by Circulate San Diego that certifies smart growth and transit oriented projects. Projects that apply for certification are reviewed by an independent panel of experts, which also provide useful suggestions for how projects can contribute to their communities.

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