Letter: Initial Committee Review of Community Planning Group Proposed Ballot Measure (Sub-item G)

Circulate San Diego submitted a letter on Sub-Item G, consideration of a ballot measure to add Community Planning Groups (CPGs) and the Community Planners Committee to the City Charter. 

Read the full letter [PDF]

Letter: Support for Morena Corridor Specific Plan

Circulate San Diego submitted a letter in support of the Morena Corridor Specific Plan. The Specific Plan proposes safe street improvements like a two-way cycle track along Morena Boulevard and new sidewalks, improvements that are consistent with the City’s Vision Zero commitment. Circulate does not support the recommendation from the Land Use and Housing Committee to reclassify Morena Boulevard from a three lane collector to a four lane collector because the added lane will increase motor vehicle capacity and decrease the space committed to creating safe bicycle infrastructure.

Read the full letter here [PDF].

Letter: San Diego Forward: The 2021 Regional Plan’s Five Big Moves

Circulate San Diego submitted a letter supporting the 2021 Regional Plan Five Big Moves concept. The most important component of the Regional Plan is what will happen in the immediate term between adoption of the 2021 Regional Plan and the subsequent Regional Plan. The SANDAG Board should ensure that the immediate impact of the Regional Plan is a tangible improvement to transit. 

Read the full letter here [PDF].

Letter: Support for Proposed Amendments to the City of San Diego’s Inclusionary Regulations

Circulate submitted a letter in support of the City of San Diego's proposed inclusionary regulations update. Circulate supports the proposed amendments understanding that, were it to stand-alone, it may result in a cooling on production levels and an increase in market rate rents. We are encouraged to see the proposal’s staff report express the need to coordinate and offset the added cost resulting from the proposed inclusionary regulations.

The City of San Diego should continue efforts to reduce the cost of development, and to offset any added costs that may result from the inclusionary update, including through incorporating recommendations outlined in Circulate's letter. 

Read the full letter here [PDF].

Letter: FY 2020 Budget Recommendations for City Council Final Budget Modification Priority Memoranda

Circulate submitted a letter to San Diego Councilmembers with recommendations for the FY 2020 budget. Circulate’s bicycle infrastructure recommendations have not yet been funded in the proposed budget and we ask that they be incorporated into the final FY 2020 budget. In our January 11 letter, Circulate recommended fully funding Phase 3 of the Downtown Mobility Plan Cycletracks and two Bicycle Master Plan Priority Projects located on Vision Zero Corridors El Cajon Boulevard (43rd St to Montezuma Rd) and University Avenue (Boundary St to Winona St).

The May Revise estimates $2.4 million in annual revenue from scooter permitting fees and dedicates $100,000 towards Vision Zero education. A higher share of this revenue should be dedicated to the important task of promoting safety by and for scooter riders. Circulate recommends funding these street safety projects in order to reach its Climate Action Plan and Vision Zero goals.

Read the full letter here [PDF].

Letter of Support for NCTD’s Low or No Emission Vehicle Program Discretionary Grant Application

Circulate San Diego wrote a letter of support for NCTD's Low or No Emission Vehicle Program discretionary grant application. NCTD is requesting funding for the purchase and installation of solar-powered electric bus charging infrastructure and the necessary facility improvements to support clean transit operations.

Read the full letter here [PDF].

Letter: AB 1730 (Support)

Circulate San Diego submitted a letter in support of AB 1730 (Gonzalez), which will extend the deadline for SANDAG to submit their regional transportation plan to the California Transportation Commission and Department of Transportation by two years. 

Read the full letter here [PDF].

Letter: Proposed Middle Income Housing Regulations – LU&H Hearing, April 10, 2019

Circulate San Diego submitted a letter to the Land Use and Housing Committee today with recommendations for strengthening the proposed Middle Income Housing Regulations.

Read the full letter here [PDF]

Memo: Legal Concerns with Structure of City of San Diego’s Community Planning Groups

Circulate San Diego released a memorandum with legal concerns with the structure of the City of San Diego's Community Planning Groups. The memorandum details a number of ways in which the City of San Diego’s current approach to CPGs may run afoul of both the City Charter and the California Political Reform Act. 

Read the memorandum here [PDF]

Letter: Support for $140 Million for Transformative Climate Communities

We joined other advocacy organizations across the state to express our strong support for restoring funding out of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund for the Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) program to at least $140 million this year.

To read the letter, click here


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