Report: Real Opportunity

Cover_Photo_-_FINAL.jpgToday we are proud to release our latest policy report “Real Opportunity.” The report details that the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) owns substantial under-utilized properties, which present an opportunity for the agency to leverage those assets to build affordable homes, catalyze economic development, and to address climate change.

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Letter: Support for Amendments to the Land Development Code Related to Placemaking

Circulate sent a letter to San Diego Councilmembers in support of placemaking. Amendments to the Land Development Code that will allow for many placemaking projects to occur through a streamlined process are being brought to the City Council on April 17th, 2018. 

Read our letter of support here [PDF].

Letter: Development of Efficient People-Moving Transportation Scenarios for the 2019 Regional Plan

Circulate San Diego sent a letter to SANDAG requesting that the SANDAG board direct staff to prepare Efficient People-Moving Transportation Network Scenarios that advance transit more effectively than the existing 2015 Regional Plan. The SANDAG board should direct staff to prioritize advancing certain high-performing transit projects as a part of any Efficient People-Moving Scenario. Circulate San Diego’s proposed priority projects include: 

(a) Increasing frequency and service enhancements for all three Trolley lines
(b) Planning phase for the Purple Trolley line
(c) Upgrading existing successful bus lines into high quality Rapid lines

Read the letter here [PDF].

Letter: Comments on Amendments and Addition to the State CEQA Guidelines on the Evaluation of Transportation Impacts

Circulate San Diego signed on to a letter providing comments on the CEQA evaluation of transportation impacts. With other states looking to California as they consider similar changes to environmental laws, it is critical to get these guidelines right to set a good precedent for the rest of the nation.

Read the entire letter here [PDF].

Letter: Response to Delay and Cost Increase for Downtown Mobility Plan Cycle Tracks

Colin Parent, Executive Director and General Counsel, wrote a letter sharing Circulate's disappointment in the reported delay and cost increase for the Downtown Mobility Plan cycle tracks. The letter also expresses hope that action be taken to ensure protected bicycle facilities be installed using low cost temporary materials across the entire network within three years from the Plan’s adoption in 2016, as promised by Mayor Faulconer.

Read the entire letter here [PDF].

Letter: Bus Transfers in the Development of the Regional Fare Study Packages

Circulate wrote a letter urging the MTS Board of Directors to include free or discounted bus transfers in all packages of the Regional Fare Study. MTS is one of only two of the twenty largest transit agencies in the United States that does not provide free or reduced-price transfers for bus riders. 

Read the entire letter here [PDF].

Report: Democracy in Planning

Today, Circulate San Diego released our newest report "Democracy in Planning."


Public participation is a cornerstone of city planning and a pillar of democracy. Everyone should have a voice in how decisions are made, especially in local government. In the City of San Diego, City-sponsored community planning Groups (CPGs) serve as the primary vehicle to facilitate public participation in the planning process.

CPGs provide a space for community members to serve their City, and their input frequently improves development and transportation projects.

Our report details a variety of proposed reforms to ensure that everyone has a voice in the community planning process.

Letter: 2018 Work Plan for Smart Growth and Land Use Committee

Circulate wrote a letter to provide recommendations for the Smart Growth and Land Use Committee’s 2018 work plan. We strongly recommend that the Smart Growth and Land Use committee incorporate our recommendations into their work plan, and push for these policies to be adopted.

Read the entire letter here [PDF].

Letter: Support for City of Oceanside's SB1 Grant Application

Circulate wrote a letter to Caltrans supporting the City of Oceanside's application for a Safe Routes to School planning grant. We appreciate Oceanside’s efforts on safety for school children, and we encourage Caltrans to award this grant.

Read the entire letter here [PDF].

Letter: Circulate Supports SANDAG Projects

It is definitely grant season! And while Circulate San Diego is fast at work submitting our own proposals to fulfill our mission of creating excellent mobility choices and vibrant, healthy neighborhoods, we are also writing many letters to support the grant applications of other agencies and organizations. Below is a roundup of the SANDAG grant proposals we are supporting.

Local Partnership Program - Support for San Diego North Coast Corridor: Multimodal Improvements. 

This project would construct critical multi-modal improvements to improve infrastructure condition, and address safety within the San Diego North Coast Corridor. Read the full letter, click here.

Solutions for Congested Corridors Program - San Diego North Coast Corridor: Build NCC Phase 1

The Build NCC project will address critical transportation needs along the Interstate 5 (I-5) corridor, while helping to reduce congestion, enhance the coastal environment, strengthen the economy, and improve quality of life in the San Diego region. To read the full letter, click here

Trade Corridor Enhancement Program – Sorrento to Miramar Phase 2 Intermodal Improvements Project

This project is a critical improvement project located on the state’s busiest rail corridor. It closes a gap by building a second track and straightens several curves along the slowest section of the corridor between San Diego and Los Angeles. Further, the speed restrictions along this section restrict operational reliability and flexibility, which result in delays for both passenger and freight services. To read the full letter, click here.

Support for The Future of Mobility: Ride-Hailing Data Collection and Analysis

Transportation Network Companies (TNC) such as Uber and Lyft present great opportunities to improve mobility for local residents. This research would help transportation planners and the public to understand the impacts of TNCs.  This effort will fill a crucial gap in the data necessary to plan for the growth of these services in our respective regions. To read the full letter, click here.


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