Letter: Support and Recommend Amendments to San Diego's Municipal Code on Placemaking

Over the past year, Circulate San Diego has been working together with community partners and the City of San Diego to develop a new permitting process for placemaking projects. We have sent a letter to Mayor Kevin Faulconer supporting the proposed placemaking policy amendments to the Municipal Code. 

Last week we sent a letter to Mayor Kevin Faulconer supporting the proposed placemaking policy amendments to the Municipal Code. 

Read the entire letter: [PDF]

Letter: Serra Mesa Community Plan Update/Road Connection Project

Last week Circulate San Diego sent City of San Diego Councilmember Scott Sherman to share our support for the road connection between Phyllis Place in Serra Mesa and Franklin Ridge Road in Mission Valley.

The connection is proposed in the Serra Mesa Community Plan Amendment. We feel that this connection with bicycle and pedestrian facilities is particularly important because it will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, support smart growth development, and increase connectivity for our communities in a manner that promotes transit, mobility, and bicycle accessibility.

Read the entire letter here (PDF).

Letter: Modifications to Parking Regulations and CEQA Exemption

Circulate San Diego submitted a letter to the City of Santee strongly advising against proposed modifications to increase their parking requirements for new multi-family housing developments. 

Download the full PDF version of the letter [PDF]


Letter: Update on TOD Report

Earlier this year, Circulate San Diego published a report on how the City of San Diego can implement more transit oriented development.

Today we are releasing a letter to supporters detailing the impact of our recent report on Transit Oriented Development. The short summary: Our Transit Oriented Development Report is improving San Diego’s land use policy. [PDF]

Letter: 2017 Vision Zero Strategic Implementation Update

Circulate San Diego prepared a letter for the Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee meeting on July 19th on Vision Zero strategic implementation in 2017. The letter includes recommendations on how to ensure that the City meets the Vision Zero goal of working in partnership with all of our communities to achieve safe and livable neighborhoods, and to end traffic fatalities.

Read our letter here.

Letter: Support for AB 805 (Gonzalez Fletcher)

Circulate San Diego's board voted to support AB 805 (Gonzalez Fletcher) to reform transportation entities in the San Diego region.

The structure of our metropolitan planning organization SANDAG, as well as our two transit agencies, MTS and NCTD, need reform. All three entities distribute power disproportionally among smaller and less central jurisdictions, which is not consistent with the democratic principles of one person, one vote.

The structure of our transportation organizations also results in policy outcomes that are not consistent with California’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Instead of prioritizing transit and active transportation to help San Diegans move about our region, SANDAG often relies on counterproductive strategies such as expanding freeways.

For San Diego to move forward, and to achieve our collective greenhouse gas goals, we need the structural reform called for by AB 805.

Our formal endorsement letter is available online in PDF format here.

Letter: Amendments to San Diego's Municipal Code to Introduce and Define Placemaking

As part of our continuing campaign to create a placemaking policy in the City of San Diego, Circulate San Diego submitted a letter to staff in the Economic Development Department on April 26, 2017. Economic Development is collaborating with the Development Services Department to create the policy and relevant permit process. The letter highlighted requests to ensure the permit process is transparent, equitable, and inclusive.

Read the full letter [PDF].

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Update: Circulate San Diego's "The Fatal Fifteen" with San Diego City Council


The morning of March 6, prior to a City Council hearing where the City Auditor presented its Pedestrian Safety Performance Audit, City staff released a memorandum providing an update to infrastructure improvements planned for 15 of the City's most dangerous intersections highlighted in the Auditor report.

Download a copy of the City's memo here.

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Letter: Recommendations for Win-Win-Win Approaches to Housing Affordability in the City of San Diego

Circulate San Diego prepared a letter for Councilmember Scott Sherman, urging him and other city leaders to heed recommendations on how to improve housing policy for the City of San Diego. 

In order to advance three interconnected goals of economic development, affordability, and environmental sustainability, Circulate San Diego suggests that new policy meet three criteria: 1) new land use reforms should be made city-wide, not in limited geographic areas; 2) new subsidies for deed-restricted affordable homes should not add more costs to market rate development; and 3) new incentives for market rate development should not undermine existing policies to promote affordability.  

Download the full PDF version of the letter here: [PDF]

Letter: Circulate San Diego Comments for SANDAG NOP of Program EIR for the 2019 Regional Plan

Circulate San Diego submitted comments in response to the Notice of Preparation (NOP) for the Program Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the 2019 Regional Plan issued by SANDAG on November 14, 2016. Our comments included two core points:

(1) The EIR must contain one or more transit-friendly reasonable alternatives that are financially constrained and do not require an amendment of the 2004 TransNet Ordinance.

(2) The EIR should analyze the extent to which the Regional Plan does or does not meet the mode-share goals for local jurisdictions with Climate Action Plans.

Read the full letter [PDF]. 


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