Policy and Advocacy

New_Climate_for_Transportation_Presser_-_10-01-2015_-_03.jpgCirculate San Diego is deeply engaged with public policy to achieve our mission to create excellent mobility choices and vibrant, healthy neighborhoods. Our policy work focuses on promoting public transportation, active transportation (walking and bicycling), and promoting sustainable growth.

Our many policy letters and publications can be viewed here.

Vision Zero

Much of our walking and bicycling advocacy is focused on Vision Zero, an effort to end all traffic fatalities and serious injuries in the City of San Diego by 2025. Our efforts are part of a national campaign and include advocating for safe engineering of our streets, enforcement of safety laws by the police, and educating the public about traffic safety.

For more, visit our Vision Zero page.

Cover_Photo.jpg#PlanDiego: Land Use and Affordability

Circulate San Diego believes that land use policies should work for everyone, not just some. Development policy should allow everyone to enjoy the benefits of smart growth, without economic or physical displacement. We advocate for sustainable growth and development, especially around our region’s transit infrastructure. 

Great cities don’t just happen, they’re planned. Circulate San Diego recently launched #PlanDiego, a region-wide initiative to make planning and land use smarter, more inclusive, and fun! For more, visit our #PlanDiego page.

Regional Transportation and Planning

Much of San Diego’s transportation and land use planning is decided at the regional level by SANDAG. Circulate San Diego is active in conversations with SANDAG about how to develop the best transportation network possible for the region. 

Regional Walk Scorecard

The Regional Walk Scorecard measures how San Diego's 18 regional cities are doing to respond to the call for more walkable neighborhoods. We created the Scorecard to raise awareness of the ingredients that contribute to walkability, and to create healthy competition among cities to champion walk‐friendly communities.

For more, visit our Walk Scorecard page.


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