Road Widening Not Consistent With CAP, Vision Zero

January 27, 2016

Honorable members of the Infrastructure Committee,

On behalf of Circulate San Diego, I would like to comment on two of today’s agenda items, specifically items 2 and 3 listed on the Consent Agenda.

Both of these items propose road widening. Specifically, Item 2 proposes to expand the current four-lane Mission Bay Drive Bridge with six lanes, and Item 3 proposes the widening of Miramar Road to eight lanes with Class 2 bike lanes from east of the I-805 interchange to approximately 500 feet east of Eastgate Mall. This project was initially approved in 1998, almost 20 years ago.

Both projects are listed as achieving the City Strategic Plan  Goal #2: Work in partnership with all of our communities to achieve safe and livable neighborhoods.

Widening roads does not achieve safe neighborhoods. In fact, widening roads throughout the City has led to increased vehicular speeds and contributed to the high number of crashes the City experiences. 

Read the entire letter here [PDF].


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