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Colin Parent talks Fast Bus!, SANDAG, and VMT fees on the “Talking Headways” podcast.

This week our Executive Director and General Counsel Colin Parent was interviewed by the “Talking Headways” podcast, one of the leading national podcasts on transit and urban issues.

The interview focused on our recent report “Fast Bus!” about how simple and affordable choices can improve the bus, the workhorse of our region’s transit network.

The interview covered a lot of ground, including what’s good, and what’s not-so-good about SANDAG’s recent transportation plan. And they discuss how the City of San Diego is investing in bus-only lanes, but not in the best locations.

You can also listen in to hear about how Circulate’s recent strategic planning effort is shaping how we do our advocacy work. We are doubling-down on our big research efforts, with long-tail implications to drive policy conversation into he future.

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