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Letter: Request for SANDAG to perform a fair apples-to-apples comparison of Airport connection alternatives

Circulate San Diego and the Downtown San Diego Partnership sent a letter requesting that SANDAG further evaluate the connection to the San Diego International Airport (Airport) through a Central Mobility Hub located Downtown. SANDAG is currently evaluating three alternatives to connect rail transit to the airport. These alternatives will not allow the SANDAG board, nor the public, to evaluate a fair apples-to-apples comparison. Instead, the choice of alternatives could allow SANDAG staff to recommend that the board dismiss a southern connection to the airport, because it does not offer the same Central Mobility Hub included in Alternative 1 and Alternative 2. SANDAG should instead evaluate a Central Mobility Hub located downtown.

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Circulate previously raised concerns about requiring transit riders from Downtown and south of the Airport to travel north, only to double-back to access the Airport.

That letter is available here.