Letter: Comments on the 15-Day Revisions to the State CEQA Guidelines on the Evaluation of Transportation Impacts

Circulate San Diego signed on to a letter with recommendations for the 15-day revisions to the CEQA guidelines for evaluation of transportation impacts. We support the expedient completion of these guidelines so Californians can enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, healthier and safe environment. The revisions have the potential to transform the planning processes and development decisions that will help create safe, healthy, walkable and equitable neighborhoods for people of all ages, incomes and abilities.

Read the letter [PDF].

Letter: Assembly Bill 2923 (Chiu and Grayson) - Support

Circulate San Diego sent a letter of support to Assemblymembers Chiu and Grayson for AB 2923. The bill would require the Bay Area Rapid Transit Board to establish transit-oriented development standards for BART-owned land within a half-mile of stations (primarily surface parking lots). This bill is an important step toward ensuring that key transit-oriented sites are developed to their full potential, which Circulate is advocating for with the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System.

Read the full letter of support [PDF].

Letter: Senate Bill 828 (Wiener) - Support

Circulate San Diego sent a letter of support to California Senator Scott Wiener for a bill he authored, SB 828. The bill would require city and county governments to properly plan for housing needs as set forth by the Department of Housing and Community Development in their Regional Housing Needs Assessment Determination.

Read the letter of support [PDF].

Letter: Draft Middle Income Bonus Regulations – SGLU Hearing, May 21, 2018

Circulate wrote a letter in support of the proposed Middle Income Bonus Program, which was heard at the Smart Growth and Land Use Committee on May 21st. Circulate’s advocacy shaped the current proposal to make it more compatible with the existing and successful affordable homes bonus program. Circulate recommends changes to the draft, to ensure the program advances the cause of affordability for all income levels.

Read the letter of support [PDF].

Letter: SUPPORT for $50 million for discounted transit pass program for low-income students

Circulate San Diego signed on to a letter to Assemblymember Richard Bloom in support of a discounted transit pass program for low-income students. A student transit pass program is also key to “growing” transit riders and to cultivating a transit-oriented culture among young people: If riding transit is made easy and affordable for students to take to school and to work they are likely to begin making decisions about where to live and get a job based on the proximity of transit, which will in turn help promote the land use and development patterns that will support even greater transit use, and reductions in traffic and GHG emissions.

Read our letter here [PDF].

Letter: Assembly Bill 3119 (Gonzalez Fletcher) - Support

Circulate San Diego submitted a letter in support for AB 3119 (Gonzalez Fletcher), which creates a special committee to create a mobility and sustainability plan for the San Diego International Airport. It’s time for all the stakeholders — the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, the Port of San Diego, SANDAG, MTS, NCTD, and the City and County of San Diego to work together to craft a viable solution to facilitating multimodal access to and from the airport. Therefore, we fully support AB 3119.

Read our letter here [PDF].

Letter: Sharing of Rides in Autonomous Vehicles – PUC Proposed Decision Authorizing a Pilot Test Program for Autonomous Vehicle Passenger Service

Today Circulate submitted a letter to the California Public Utilities Commission on the Proposed Decision Authorizing a Pilot Test Program for Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Passenger Service. The potential of AVs to expand ridesharing and reduce the need for car ownership is a critical factor in California’s ability to meet its aggressive climate and air quality goals. The PUC’s proposed ban on shared rides during AV testing unfortunately runs counter to this goal and risks undermining an important opportunity to reduce carbon emissions.

Read our letter here [PDF].

Report: Real Opportunity

Cover_Photo_-_FINAL.jpgToday we are proud to release our latest policy report “Real Opportunity.” The report details that the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) owns substantial under-utilized properties, which present an opportunity for the agency to leverage those assets to build affordable homes, catalyze economic development, and to address climate change.

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Letter: Support for Amendments to the Land Development Code Related to Placemaking

Circulate sent a letter to San Diego Councilmembers in support of placemaking. Amendments to the Land Development Code that will allow for many placemaking projects to occur through a streamlined process are being brought to the City Council on April 17th, 2018. 

Read our letter of support here [PDF].

Letter: Development of Efficient People-Moving Transportation Scenarios for the 2019 Regional Plan

Circulate San Diego sent a letter to SANDAG requesting that the SANDAG board direct staff to prepare Efficient People-Moving Transportation Network Scenarios that advance transit more effectively than the existing 2015 Regional Plan. The SANDAG board should direct staff to prioritize advancing certain high-performing transit projects as a part of any Efficient People-Moving Scenario. Circulate San Diego’s proposed priority projects include: 

(a) Increasing frequency and service enhancements for all three Trolley lines
(b) Planning phase for the Purple Trolley line
(c) Upgrading existing successful bus lines into high quality Rapid lines

Read the letter here [PDF].

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