Memo: Options for the City Council on Community Planning Group Reform

Today, Circulate San Diego submitted a memorandum presenting options for how the City Council can reform Community Planning Groups, to comply with advice from the City Attorney.

While the Council has several options for how to proceed, the City Attorney has made clear that reform is required to meet the City’s legal obligations, and to ensure fairness and equity in the City’s decisionmaking. Not taking any action is not an option.

Read the full memorandum here [PDF].

Letter: ACA-1 (Support)

This week, Circulate submitted a letter in support of ACA-1. This bill would allow local governments to propose taxes for public infrastructure or affordable homes and require only a 55 percent vote for approval.

Read the full letter here [PDF].

AB 2345 (Support)

Circulate San Diego is co-sponsoring AB 2345 (Gonzalez), which will enhance California’s Density Bonus Law, a critical statewide program that encourages deed-restricted affordable and market rate development throughout California.

Read the full letter here [PDF]

Letter: AB 2344 (Support)

Circulate supports AB 2344, Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez's bill that will prevent developers who build mixed-income homes from creating segregated entrances and access to common spaces between market rate and deed-restricted affordable tenants.

Read the full letter here [PDF]

Letter: Support for Regional Bikeway Program Bond Issuance and Recommendations for Implementation

Circulate submitted a letter in strong support for the Regional Bikeway Program Bond Issuance and with recommendations for implementation of future bikeway projects.

Read the full letter [PDF].

Letter: Support for the Airport Development Plan

Circulate San Diego today submitted a letter to the San Diego County Airport Authority in support of the Airport Development Plan. The region will be better off as a result of the Airport Authority’s recirculation of the EIR and the implementation of Alternative 4.

Read the letter here [PDF].

Letter: Recommendations for Councilmember Budget Priority Memoranda for FY 2021

Circulate submitted a letter with recommendations for inclusion in Councilmember Budget Priority Memoranda for FY 2021. Circulate supports the recommendations of the Mobility Board and has four top priorities:

  • Safe intersection improvements – Improve 20 intersections with high visibility crosswalks, Lead Pedestrian Intervals and No Right on Red signals throughout the City at dangerous intersections.
  • 20 miles in 2020 - Adopt the goal of, and provide funding for, installing at least 20 miles of protected, separated bicycle lanes Citywide, per the Mobility Board’s criteria.
  • Education and encouragement – Double funding for education and encouragement for safe travel by all modes, in line with the City’s Vision Zero and Climate Action Plan goals.
  • Expansion of bus lanes - Install more bus lanes, specifically on Broadway and Park Boulevard, creating a connected bus lane network.

Read the Circulate's letter and the Mobility Board letter here [PDF].

Letter: Support for the Gaslamp Promenade Proposal

Today, Circulate submitted a letter supporting the proposed Gaslamp Promenade proposal, which would create a pedestrian promenade through one of San Diego’s busiest and most iconic neighborhoods, removing cars during daytime and evening hours, and allowing for a more attractive destination for both locals and visitors alike.

Read the letter of support here [PDF].

Letter: Shared Mobility Device Regulations

Circulate San Diego and the Chamber of Commerce wrote Mayor Faulconer's office to express their views on the City's review and possible amendments to its regulations on Shared Mobility Devices (SMD) and submitted for consideration.

Read the full letter here [PDF]

Sign-On Letter: Draft 2020 Interregional Transportation Improvement Program (ITIP)

Circulate San Diego signed on to a letter to California State Transportation Agency Secretary David S. Kim with support for the Draft 2020 Interregional Transportation Improvement Program (ITIP). The ITIP prioritizes investment for shovel-ready mobility projects that will increase transportation options for all Californians.

Read the letter here [PDF].

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