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Circulate San Diego Congratulates MTS for Adopting Free Transfers in New Fare Policy

Today, Circulate San Diego is pleased to congratulate the Board of Directors for the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) for voting to allow free transfers for bus and trolley riders.

“MTS made the right decision to allow bus and trolley riders to seamlessly transfer with the price of a one-way fare,” said Colin Parent, Executive Director and General Counsel with Circulate San Diego. “Free transfers make transit easier to access, and fairer for riders that take more than one bus or trolley to get where they’re going.”

Circulate San Diego has advocated for free transfers since 2018. Research from Circulate San Diego showed that MTS is one of only two of the twenty largest transit agencies in the United States to not provide free or reduced-price transfers.

On January 19, and again on March 9, 2021, Circulate sent a letter to the MTS Board of Directors, urging them to implement free transfers as a part of the current update to the region’s transit fare policy.

In addition to free transfers, the fare policy approved by the MTS board today includes a number of significant improvements, combining to become a cutting edge and progressive fare structure. Those elements include “best fare” functionality to avoid over-charging riders, and lower prices for one-way youth fares. The policy is online here at Page 235.

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