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Press Release: Hit-and-Run Video Released at One-Year Crash Anniversary  Shows Need for Vision Zero Action



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Hit-and-Run Video Released at One-Year Crash Anniversary Shows Need for Vision Zero Action

San Diego (January 7,  2020) – San Diego Planning Commissioner Vicki Granowitz shared her first-hand account of being hit by a hit-and-run driver one year ago along with Circulate San Diego and other supporters of safe streets. The press conference took place at the site where Granowitz was seriously injured by a reckless driver, at the intersection of Fern Street and Grape Street in South Park.

“I’m sharing my story to raise awareness for what can result from a moment of distracted driving,” Vicki Granowitz said. “After a year, I know my injuries will never completely heal, but I am grateful that I am doing as well as I am.”

Granowitz’s hit-and-run took place while she was walking across the street outside of Fernside, her restaurant. Granowitz lost several front teeth, suffered a concussion, and fractured her knee in two places as a result of the distracted driver crashing into her as she crossed the street.

The driver plead guilty to Felony Hit-And-Run on November 6, 2019, and was sentenced to three years of probation with a suspended license for the probationary period.

Granowitz partnered with Circulate San Diego to make a call to action to the City of San Diego. They urged residents and businesses alike to support safe street improvements and to choose to drive safely.

The following supporters of safe streets attended the press conference:

  • Vicki Granowitz
  • Shane Gerde, manager of Fernside restaurant
  • Maya Rosas, Circulate San Diego

The hit-and-run footage may be viewed and downloaded here:

The hit-and-run footage is graphic and disturbing. However, Granowitz wishes to share the footage in hopes of educating San Diegans about the need for Vision Zero to prevent future collisions like hers.

Photos from the press conference and photos of Granowitz following the hit-and-run are attached.

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