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Press Release: SANDAG Reversal Shows Leadership on Housing, Heeding Calls by Circulate San Diego and Housing Advocates

Following a press conference organized by land use and transportation think tank Circulate San Diego, the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) Board voted to accept the state’s housing need determination, a first in SANDAG’s history. The vote to accept the housing determination, instead of negotiating a lower number, is a bold demonstration of the San Diego region’s leadership in addressing the housing crisis.

The vote, which received a bipartisan 52% of the tally vote, was a reversal from SANDAG’s vote on May 11th to request a lower determination. Now, instead of requesting a lower determination of only 116,000 new units, the San Diego region has accepted the actual determination of 171,000 new homes needed for San Diegans.

The following advocates were among those that joined Circulate San Diego in calling SANDAG to lead on housing:

  • Maya Rosas, Circulate San Diego
  • Stephen Russell, San Diego Housing Federation
  • Stefanie Benvenuto, San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Borre Winckel, Building Industry Association of San Diego County
  • Jim Waring, San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation
  • Mary Lydon, Housing You Matters
  • Carla Farley, San Diego Association of REALTORS

“Today, the San Diego region showed its commitment to solving the housing crisis through taking bold action,” said Maya Rosas, Policy Director with Circulate San Diego.  “SANDAG’s choice today is a model for the rest of California to follow.”

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