Vision Zero Neighborhood Symposium

Vision Zero is working towards zero traffic deaths in San Diego, acknowledging that no loss of life is acceptable. 

The Vision Zero Neighborhood Symposium is organized by a coalition of San Diego supporters for safer streets. The event will bring together residents from San Diego's diverse neighborhoods and leaders in traffic safety, law enforcement, street design, and public health to discuss the pressing issue of saving lives.

San Diego is one of 15 cities nationwide committed to getting to zero deaths through Vision Zero.

Attend the symposium to: 

- Learn what San Diego is doing to reach the goal of zero traffic deaths,

- Hear from community leaders how to successfully advocate for safer streets,

- Learn how to get involved in the campaign 


David Alvarez, District 8 San Diego Councilmember

Dr. Wilma Wooten, Director of Public Health Services, County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency

GUEST SPEAKER: Nat Gale, Vision Zero Coordinator, Los Angeles  








Los Angeles is a national leader on Vision Zero. Nat works for the Los Angeles Department of Transportation in a lead capacity in the city's Vision Zero Initiative, where he works with a multi-disciplinary team to develop projects and partnerships that prevent traffic deaths on the streets of Los Angeles. Previously, he worked on Mayor Eric Garcetti's Great Streets Initiative, a community development program aimed at improving quality of life, health, and safety for Los Angeles neighborhoods. Nat has an undergraduate degree from Columbia University in Civil Engineering and a dual Master’s degree from USC in Urban Planning and Public Administration. 


What is San Diego doing to implement Vision Zero?

How have communities successfully worked towards safer streets?

Eduardo Luna, San Diego City Auditor; Andy Hanau, Senior Performance Auditor, San Diego Office of the City Auditor

Jonathan Herrera, Director of Public Safety and Neighborhood Services, Mayor Kevin Faulconer

Randy Van Vleck, Active Transportation Manager, City Heights CDC

Representative, beautiful PB


Attendees will have a chance to participate in the discussion through small group conversations following the panel to dive into how our communities can work to advance Vision Zero in the future.

Food, beverages, and childcare will be provided. 

September 29, 2016 at 5:30pm - 8pm
Bread and Salt Warehouse
1955 Julian Ave
San Diego , CA 92113
United States
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