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Circulate San Diego is a regional grassroots organization formed through the merger of Move San Diego and WalkSanDiego, San Diego County's leading organizations dedicated to advancing mobility and making the region a better place to live, work, learn, and play. Our work focuses on creating great mobility choices, more walkable and bikeable neighborhoods, and land uses that promote sustainable growth.

What's New at Circulate

Report: Imperial Beach: Let's Move Together!

Imperial_Beach.jpgImperial Beach: Let's Move Together! is a 2013 report that provides an overview of the project process and includes recommendations to enhance walkability in the City of Imperial Beach around schools. The project was funded by a Community-Based Transportation Planning Grant thorugh CalTrans.

Click here to download a copy of the full report [PDF].

Report: 2013 San Diego Regional Walk Scorecard

2013_Walk_Pic.pngWe created the Regional Walk Scorecard to raise awareness of policies and funding decisions that impact walkability, and to create healthy competition among cities to champion walk-friendly policies and facilities. WalkSanDiego issued the first Walk Scorecard in 2012, in which we recognized National City as the top-ranked jurisdiction.

For this second edition of the Regional Walk Scorecard, special emphasis was given to on-the-ground pedestrian safety improvements. This change was made in direct response to feedback we received following our last effort. This year, we’ve counted crossing improvements at intersections, safer amenities around schools, and the use of innovative treatments such as mid-block crossings and lighting, and signals recently approved by the state to draw more attention to the presence of pedestrians along streets and at crossings.

Click here to download the full report [PDF].


Report: From Policy to Pavement: Implementing Complete Streets in the San Diego Region

From_Policy_to_Pavement.jpgFrom Policy to Pavement: Implementing Complete Streets in the San Diego Region promotes the implementation of Complete Streets by sharing best practices, examining  the legal context for policies, and most importantly, offering a Toolbox for greater implementation. Through collaboration with San Diego APA in the San Diego Complete Streets Task Force, WalkSanDiego (Circulate San Diego's predecessor organization) prepared the paper to promote Complete Streets, encourage dialogue and recognize innovative projects in the San Diego region.

Click here to download the entire report [PDF].


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