Active Transportation Planning and Programming

Circulate Planning works with cities and local government to support the development of multi-modal transportation, safe mobility choices, active lifestyles, and complete neighborhoods. Planning and programming has included:

  • Bicycle, Pedestrian, Transit Access Assessments
  • Education and Encouragement Programs
  • Outreach Programs

Safe Routes Programs

Circulate Planning has developed a variety of programs to educate the public about safe street design and how to safely navigate the road when walking or biking. We offer advocacy trainings, guided walks and rides, and route planning services to help community members incorporate active transportation into their daily lives and become local advocates for safe street design. Past programs have included:

  • Safe Routes to School
  • Safe Routes to Transit
  • Safe Routes for Older Adults 
  • Safe Routes to Parks

Creative Engagement and Placemaking Events

Circulate Planning has designed a wide array of interactive and engaging strategies to make the public outreach process fun and accessible. Past methods have included:

  • Pop-up Placemaking and Demonstration Events
  • Online Surveys and Interactive Maps
  • Community Walks and Bike Rides
  • Panel Discussions

Neighborhood Assessments

Circulate Planning has developed a variety of methods to conduct neighborhood assessments as part of a community outreach process. Recent assessments have focused on specific concerns for women, walking at night, and around schools. Neighborhood assessments are an effective method to:

  • Identify Barriers and Opportunities
  • Collect Input about Safety Concerns / Priorities
  • Educate about Safe Streets and Complete Neighborhoods
  • Inform Safety and Access Recommendations

Marketing and Public Campaigns

Circulate Planning can help demystify complex planning ideas and concepts in order for residents and stakeholders to evaluate projects and become engaged in their communities. Our vast network of partners coupled with our creative approach makes us successful at raising project visibility and leading constructive conversations about the transformation of our cities.

Grant Writing and Program Development

Cities and local government often have to juggle limited funding with infrastructure and programming needs. Circulate Planning has a deep understanding of grant opportunities available at all jurisdiction levels. We help cities pursue grant funding through concept development and grant writing services.


Contact Us


To learn more about how Circulate Planning can help with a project in you community contact Danielle Berger at dberger@circulatesd.org


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