Circulate San Diego is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create excellent mobility choices and vibrant, healthy neighborhoods.

Circulate Planning is the consulting arm of Circulate San Diego that helps public agencies throughout Southern California address mobility and land use issues. Our services include:

Safe Routes Programs

Walk_to_School_Point_Loma_2013.jpgCirculate Planning has developed a variety of programs to educate the public about the tenets of walkability, safe street designs, and safe behaviors when using the road. We also offer advocacy trainings, explaining the planning processes and the various ways they can have an active role in changing their community. These programs contribute to the development of educated stakeholders who support the development of safer neighborhoods. Programs include:

  • Safe Routes to School
  • Safe Routes to Transit
  • Safe Routes for Older Adults 
  • Safe Routes to Parks

Neighborhood Assessments

Circulate has developed a variety of methods to conduct neighborhood assessments. As part of a community outreach process, neighborhood assessments are an effective method to:

  • Identify User Conflicts
  • Collect Input about Safety Concerns / Priorities
  • Educate about Safe Streets and Complete Neighborhoods

Creative Engagement

We have a collection of colorful and entertaining ways to make the public outreach process fun and accessible. Engagement strategies include:

  • Storytelling
  • Dance Parties
  • Movie Screenings
  • Panel Discussions
  • Pop-up or Demonstration Events
  • Online Outreach and Events

Active Transportation Planning and Programming

Circulate works with cities and local government to support the development of multi-modality, safe mobility choices, active transportation, and complete neighborhoods. We support the development of planning documents to include:

  • Encouragement Programs
  • Education Programs
  • Outreach Programs

Grant Writing and Program Development

Cities and local government often have to juggle limited funding with infrastructure and programming needs. Circulate has a deep understanding of grant opportunities available at all jurisdiction levels. We help cities pursue grant funding through concept development and grant writing services.

Marketing and Public Campaigns

As a nonprofit that supports equity and the highest standards of quality, Circulate can help demystify complex planning ideas and concepts in order for residents and stakeholders to evaluate projects with the most accurate facts as possible. Our vast network of partners coupled with our creative approach makes us successful at raising project visibility and leading healthy, public conversations about the transformation of our cities.

Contact Us

To speak with Circulate San Diego about helping with a project in your community, contact Catherine Thibault at cthibault@circulatesd.org

You can view our Circulate Planning brochure here.

A sample of our completed projects can be viewed here.


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