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Circulate San Diego is a proud Live Well partner.


Our Mission:SRTS_photo.jpg

To create excellent mobility choices and vibrant, healthy neighborhoods.

What We Do:

Circulate San Diego works to promote public transportation, active transportation (walking and bicycling), and accommodate sustainable growth.

Why We Do What We Do:

We believe transportation and sustainable growth policies should improve the quality of life for all people. Our values include:

  • Economic Development: We believe that transportation and land use policy should encourage economic growth, shared broadly. Transportation systems should facilitate connections between homes and jobs, benefiting businesses and the workers they employ. Land use policy should encourage investment and growth, and create productive uses of land and transportation investments.
  • Social Equity: We believe that transportation and land use policies should work for everyone, not just some. The region’s transportation system should be safe, convenient, accessible, and affordable to those without access to cars, and those with different abilities. Development policy should allow everyone to enjoy the benefits of smart growth, without economic or physical displacement.
  • Environmental Protection: We believe that transportation and land use choices are crucial to environmental protection. A transportation network that promotes transit, walking, and bicycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions, limits pollution, and protects undeveloped habitat.
  • Public Health: We believe that transportation and land uses should encourage physical activity, clean air, and safe use of our streets and roads. 
  • Freedom to Choose: We believe public policy should allow equal convenience and affordability for all people to choose their preferred modes of transportation, whether by car, bicycle, or transit. Land use policy should allow a diverse set of choices for people to live where they wish, in safe and affordable homes.

How We Do What We Do:

We often partner with local governments, school districts, private planning firms, and other nonprofits to create planning and community engagement programs. Our work includes Safe Routes to School projects, community workshops, civic engagement activities, pedestrian safety training, and the development of transportation planning documents.

We are also advocates for public policy. We work to promote transportation choices and sustainable land use policies at cities, regional governments, and on the State and Federal levels.

Our History:

Circulate San Diego was created in 2014 by the joining of the nonprofit organizations WalkSanDiego and Move San Diego. While working in the same neighborhoods toward similar goals, the organizations saw an opportunity to better serve the San Diego region by coming together to advocate for better transportation and more sustainable land use choices in our communities. 

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