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Circulate San Diego is a regional grassroots organization formed through the merger of Move San Diego and WalkSanDiego, San Diego County's leading organizations dedicated to advancing mobility and making the region a better place to live, work, learn, and play. Our work focuses on creating great mobility choices, more walkable and bikeable neighborhoods, and land uses that promote sustainable growth.

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SANDAG Approves Flawed Regional Plan, But Hope Remains

Unfortunately, today the SANDAG Board voted to approve a flawed Regional Plan, the work continues. SANDAG is currently preparing a regional "Quality of Life" measure that may give voters an opportunity to fund acceleration of transit and active transportation projects.

SANDAG’s Regional Plan assumes a Quality of Life measure that generates a 1/4 cent sales tax over a 30 year period. Yet, SANDAG is currently contemplating a 1/2 cent sales tax over a 40 year period–more than twice the Quality of Life revenue contemplated by the Draft 2015 Regional Plan.

With additional resources, SANDAG will have substantially more funding flexibility to advance transit and active transportation projects into earlier periods of the region’s transportation plan. If the Regional Plan represents what SANDAG is willing to do today, Quality of Life should represent our aspirations for tomorrow.

Check out our Op-Ed in the Voice of San Diego to learn more about our position on the Regional Plan.

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Testimony: Comments from Circulate San Diego on 2015 Draft Regional Plan at 10/9/2015 SANDAG Meeting

Below is the text of comments from Circulate San Diego on 2015 Draft Regional Plan at the October 9, 2015 SANDAG Board Meeting. 


My name is Colin Parent, I'm policy counsel with Circulate San Diego.

Thank you to the SANDAG Board members, all but a hand full of who agreed to meet with Circulate over the last few months. And thanks to the SANDAG staff who have managed a very complex process, while helping answer questions from Circulate as this progressed. 

Nonetheless, I am here to repeat what we have said consistently since the draft regional plan was released. The plan is flawed, and you should vote against it in its current form.

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Policy Letter: Final Comments to SANDAG's Draft TOD Strategy

Final comments from Circulate San Diego on SANDAG's Draft TOD Strategy. 

Circulate San Diego wrote earlier to express our concern that the initial draft of SANDAG’s TOD Strategy presented by SANDAG staff. In response, SANDAG staff prepared an updated document which included “Key Early Actions,”to be completed this year or in upcoming years. 

Overall, the Key Early Actions represent an improvement to the original draft strategy. Circulate San Diego is committed to working with SANDAG and other agencies in the San Diego region to help implement these early actions. 

Read the entire letter here [PDF].


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