The MOVE Alliance


The MOVE Alliance was formed in 2012 to provide certification for transit-oriented, smart growth projects in the San Diego region. MOVE Alliance members consist of local experts in smart growth planning and sustainable transit oriented development disciplines, including planners, developers, urban designers, and transportation engineers. By recognizing and supporting projects which meet the MOVE Alliance criteria, we can help to create complete communities, one project at a time.

Benefits of the MOVE Alliance Certification

The application process is confidential and no-risk for the applicant. If successful, the project will receive:

  • A formal letter of recognition from the MOVE Alliance that can be provided to elected officials, community groups, and decision-makers that demonstrates the independent recognition of the sustainable, transit-oriented, and smart growth characteristics of the project
  • Permission to use the MOVE Alliance seal of recognition on websites or any other communication regarding the project
  • Publicity and exposure through press release, website recognition, and recognition at Circulate San Diego events and in the Circulator newsletter
  • Independent testimony at public hearings of decision-making bodies (i.e., planning commission, design review, or city council) by Circulate San Diego staff and/or MOVE Alliance members, explaining the certification program and the basis for certification

If the project does not receive certification, the applicant will receive detailed feedback from the Alliance as to the basis for the determination, and recommendations for project modifications that could result in earning certification, as applicable.

Special 'Mini-MOVE' Application Available

The special “Mini-MOVE” application is a short-form version of the more comprehensive MOVE Alliance application, a simplified process for the applicant. This application and certification process is only available for certain cut-and-dry qualified projects that meet one of three Threshold Requirements: (1) 30 or fewer units, (2) be 100% deed-restricted affordable, or (3) include less than the minimum required amount of parking. The Mini-MOVE application process, if successful, leads to the same MOVE Alliance certification as the comprehensive application process.

Recently Certified Projects

The MOVE Alliance is pleased to recognize the below projects. To learn more, read some press releases about projects we've recently certified.

The Guild on 30th

The Guild on 30th is designed as a welcoming urban addition to the Golden Hill neighborhood. Seeking LEED certification at the highest level of Gold or Platinum (which is the highest industry standard for responsible, sustainable development) The Guild provides each homeowner the opportunity to be an active participant in the “green” movement for responsible living.

By championing modern technologies and incorporating them into an urban design, each home benefits from new construction while still paying homage to a sense of history and place in the architectural detailing. With sweeping views of the Bay and a vibrant, walkable urban community at ground level, The Guild offers privacy, convenience and modern amenities in one of San Diego’s hottest up-and-coming neighborhoods. The Guild on 30th offers both one and two bedroom townhomes, with full-sized roof decks that provide sweeping views of the San Diego bay. For more information, visit

Capstone Development Partners 5030 College Avenue Apartments

This student housing project in the College Area provides housing close to the San Diego State University campus in a walkable, bikeable, transit-oriented, urban infill location. 5030 College Avenue Apartments aims to reduce the need to drive though a variety of strategies, including free transit passes for residents who purchase a parking space, a reward program for infrequent drivers, and several amenities for bicyclists. View the press release.

Community HousingWorks Arizona Street

This proposed development will provide a multi-generational, sustainable, walkable mix of land uses in the heart of San Diego, including providing LGBT-affirming affordable housing for seniors. The site is within one block of high-performing transit including the Mid-City Rapid, and proposes Transportation Demand Management measures which may include a Transit Information Center, special parking for ride sharing programs, van pools and fuel-efficient vehicles, bike sharing and bike storage, and electric car charging stations. View Press Release and learn more about this project.

Integral Communities Bernardo Shores

This proposed new residential community will provide a new housing choice along the coast in Imperial Beach, facilitating the use of sustainable modes of transportation with connectivity to bus routes and the Bayshore Bikeway. Transportation Demand Management measures may also include a bike sharing program and/or subsidized transit passes.

Projects Eligible for the MOVE Alliance Certification

Private- and public-sector residential, commercial, or mixed-use projects (both new construction and rehabilitation) are eligible for consideration. Only projects that are, or shortly will be, under review for land-use approval and have not completed the entitlement process or broken ground are eligible to apply.

Interested in Applying?

Private and public sector residential, commercial, or mixed-use projects (both new construction and rehabilitation) that are in the entitlement process are eligible for consideration.

Contact Colin Parent, Policy Counsel, Circulate San Diego at (619) 544-9255 ext 310 or at


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