Join Your Community Planning Group


Community planning groups are an important mechanism for determining how the City of San Diego will grow and develop. Circulate San Diego is encouraging a diverse group of committed individuals to participate in the City’s community planning groups. 

You can also read our report "Democracy in Planning," with recommendations on how to make community planning more fair and accessible.

Follow these below steps to prepare yourself to serve your neighborhood. 

1. Find your Community Planning Group on the City of San Diego’s list:

The City of San Diego maintains a complete list of community planning groups here.

2. Attend a Community Planning Committee in January, February and March:

To become eligible for elections in March, or just to find out more, attend at least one meeting.

3. Review Circulate San Diego’s Guide for How to Serve on Community Planning Groups:

Find tips and suggestions, as well as an overview of the process.

4. Review the community planners committee eligibility requirements for each community planning group:

Each community planning group has their own special requirements. 

Questions?  Contact Colin Parent, Circulate San Diego,, (619) 544-9255 ext. 310. 


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