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ACTION ALERT: Encinitas City Council to vote TONIGHT

Encinitas City Council has an awesome 2-way cycle track on its agenda for TONIGHT, Wednesday December 8, and it needs your support!

The Traffic Commission rejected it, in favor of letting a state grant go and the city putting in unprotected, paint only bike lanes. On this 40 mph road, paint only bike lanes are unsafe. We need the cycle track!

Here's how you can support:

Speak on the agenda item at the City Council meeting Wednesday. Encinitas City Council meetings are back to in-person, and public comment is not being taken remotely. Meeting starts at 6 p.m. at 505 South Vulcan Avenue, Encinitas, California 92024.

Send an email of support to [email protected], which goes to all five council members. You can check out Circulate's letter of support here.

Talk with others involved in the bike dialogue to get their support and have them express it to us in one of the above two ways. If you know the City Council members you could reach out to them directly over email, text or phone to express support for the two way cycle track. 

Thanks for your support!