Transit to the Airport

After months of advocacy from Circulate San Diego, and pressure from other public agencies, the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority announced a commitment to partner on a transit connection to the Airport.

The Airport Authority staff and board deserve credit for proactively responding to calls to change their plans for the needed Terminal One expansion. Leadership from Mayor Faulconer and SANDAG were also crucial for this success.

In short, this is a big win for the region!

When the Airport initially proposed changes to Terminal One in 2018, the initial news coverage of the objections to the project were focused on traffic and inter-agency turf battles. Soon after we launched a campaign to connect the airport to transit, and we generated more than 570 emails to the airport and Mayor Faulconer’s office. The result was a complete refocus of the issue to be connecting transit to the airport in both the press coverage and in public policy.

Watch our Video.

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  • Maya Rosas
    published this page in Public Policy 2019-02-07 17:46:23 -0800

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