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Circulate San Diego recently launched our new initiative “Circulate Planning,” to highlight our longstanding and growing planning practice.

Many people know about Circulate San Diego as a nonprofit that advocates for mobility choices and vibrant neighborhoods. However, the bulk of our staff and operations are dedicated to operating an in-house, value-oriented, and nonprofit planning firm. Our clients range from local governments, to school districts, to local community groups. Projects in our portfolio range from Safe Routes to School programs, comprehensive mobility planning, and helping partners with innovative outreach activities.

Circulate San Diego has been active in San Diego for 20 years. Created from a merger of Walk San Diego and Move San Diego, our organization promotes, mobility and inclusive neighborhoods where people can live, work, play, and thrive.

Circulate San Diego has built a significant profile on public debates around transportation, safe streets, complete neighborhoods and housing. Through publication of policy reports, media advocacy, and testimony, we have developed a reputation as a thoughtful and compelling voice for our local communities.

Our planning staff has also been involved with various education, outreach, and planning initiatives. Our education and planning expertise have led us to develop a number of unique and effective approaches to community engagement. Our specialties include pop-up events, story-telling evenings, tactical urbanism, and other creative forms of public engagement, beyond just the traditional town hall meeting. We have organized a variety of engagement activities to bring different groups of the population to the table. Our status as a value-oriented nonprofit gives us a special degree of credibility with community members, who are often skeptical of planning efforts, promising (or threatening) changes to their neighborhoods. We have worked primarily in San Diego, but also in other cities in Southern California.

This year, as we set to celebrate our 20th anniversary, we launched a new brand, “Circulate Planning,” which will become our official planning division. We have also developed a new Services Guide [PDF] which details the various programs and services we offer to local governments, school districts, community-based organizations, and others motivated to make a change in our communities.

As a project of Circulate San Diego, Circulate Planning remains devoted to the mission and values that drive our advocacy and policy work. The consulting projects we take on are always focused on the development of better transportation options for local communities, high quality public spaces, and vibrant, healthy neighborhoods.

If you would like to know more about our approach to planning and community engagement, or if you would like to brainstorm opportunities to work together, please reach out to Catherine Thibault, Director of Programs, at [email protected] or at 619-544-9255 ext. 305.