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Circulator - 7/2/2020

Check out this week's featured stories:

1. Discover Cortez!

2. Pedal for Justice SD Mobilizes 400+ bicycle riders for #BLM

3. Farewell to Our Intern, Connor Rey Franklin


Discover Cortez!

For the past three months Circulate San Diego has been working with the Downtown San Diego Partnership (DSDP) and CHARG on pedestrian safety improvement projects and documents. This phase of work is directly related to the Cortez Mobility Assessment and Recommendations Report that was released November 2019 and has involved the implementations of items identified in that report.

Work completed over the past three months has been responsive to COVID-19 recovery efforts, has included invaluable feedback from Cortez residents, and helps to strengthen Cortez’ identity as a safe and enjoyable environment for pedestrians and other road users. Completed work includes:

  • Bike Parking Recommendations
  • Parklet Recommendations
  • Webinar: Looking Forward: COVID-19 Response and Pedestrian Mobility in Cortez
  • Curbside San Diego Achilles Coffee Pilot
  • Cortez Walking Loops
  • Cortez Wayfinding and Sidewalk Street Names

You can learn more about these projects by visiting:

We are excited to announce that the latest installation feature in the Cortez neighborhood is the Discover Cortez Walking Loops! You may have noticed new signs and sidewalk stickers as you walk around the neighborhood. These features are a part of two walking loops, specifically designed for the Cortez neighborhood. Fantastic input was gathered from the community, helping to design the routes and the features found along them.

Signs posted along the loops include a map of the routes, but you can also explore the route virtually by visiting the Discover Cortez Webmap.

We hope the community finds these projects as a valuable contribution to promoting pedestrian safety and comfort in Cortez. Circulate looks forward to working with DSDP and CHARG in the future on implementing projects that create safe and enjoyable spaces for pedestrians to use.

 Pedal for Justice SD Mobilizes 400+ bicycle riders for #BLM

Hundreds of cyclists came together on Sunday, June 28th for Pedal for Justice SD, a bicycle mobilization in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement. The ride symbolized our bicycling community's stance against police killings and racial injustice. 

Thank you to the lead organizers for bringing our community together: Bike SD, Outdoor Outreach, San Diego County Bike Coalition, Bikes del Pueblo, Black Girls Do Bike SD, Biking Belles, and Latino Outdoors SD.

Please consider donating to local and national justice efforts here

 Farewell to Our Intern, Connor Rey Franklin

Our intern, Connor Rey Franklin, is moving on to great things! We conducted an exit interview with him to share his experience with us and to celebrate his journey forward.

Tell us a bit about your internship?

I chose to intern with Circulate because I wanted some professional experience in the transportation space coming back home from undergrad. I studied art, so I had little experience in this field, but I was thinking of studying urban planning or policy for graduate school. Circulate seemed like a great venue to get an overview of so many of my interests, which it was! I worked with Circulate for about six months, mainly with the policy team. Like everyone at Circulate, I wore a lot of different hats. A little policy research here, some public comment over there, a sprinkling of graphic design all over.

Read the full interview here.