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Check out this week's featured stories:

1. Captain VZ at Comic-Con!

2. Key findings from our Comic-Con Walk Audit

3. July Membership Mixer Recap

4. The Sustainable Growth Community Planners Launches

5. New Protected Bike Lanes on 6th Avenue and Beech Street

Captain VZ at Comic-Con! 

BOOM! POW! Comic-Con 2019 featured the one and only Captain VZ! 

Captain VZ made her way to Comic-Con using various modes of alternative transportation and showed up just in time to spread the word about traffic safety. Captain VZ reminded humans and superheros alike to cross all roadways safely and to be extra mindful of traffic. She had a great time stepping in as a crossing guard and handing out Captain VZ comic books to help spread the safety message.  

Captain VZ and the Circulate team cannot wait to participate in Comic-Con 2020 and share more about traffic safety and the importance of Vision Zero! 

Key Findings from our Comic-Con Walk Audit 

Last week, Circulate SD hosted a Comic-Con walk audit where we invited downtown residents and workers to observe how the built environment functions at peak use.  

Here are a few key findings observed by our participants: 

1 - There is a need for more temporary public space interventions with seating for people to rest and interact with one another. 

2 - More trained crossings guards would improve pedestrian crossing areas that intersect with vehicles and the trolley. 

3 - Install temporary wayfinding signage with navigation information. 

4 - Consider extending road closures to Island Avenue because of the dense pedestrian use and vehicle conflicts occurring in this area.  

We hope that this information will help promote safe, accessible, and engaging Comic-Cons in the future! Please see an extended version of our findings here. 

July Membership Mixer Recap

Thanks to everyone who attended our July Membership Mixer! 

The event was held on the beautiful terrace of Affirmed Housing’s Ten Fifty B StreetAs one of the tallest 100% affordable buildings in the western United States, the view did not disappoint.  

We want to send a special thank you to everyone who coordinated and participated in this event including Assemblymember Todd Gloria for his time and remarks, Affirmed Housing for the beautiful event space that supported one of our largest turnouts, Thorn Brewing for the beer, and lastlyHitzke Development for their donation and coordination. 

We especially want to thank all of our Corporate sponsors and individual members who attended. Your support is vital to our progress! 

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The Sustainable Growth Community Planners Launches 

Circulate San Diego has supported the formation of an up and coming group of Community Planning Group board members called the Sustainable Growth Community Planners. The SGCP has come together to engage and empower fellow CPG members who believe in addressing climate change, supporting good land use decisions, and implementing equitable transportation policies.  

Four of the founders and board members of the SGCP co-authored an op-ed sharing more about why this group is so important for San Diego. We also celebrated the launch of the SGCP at Circulate’s July Membership Mixer where the group recruited more members and talked about their mission. 

Learn more about SGCP, what the group stands for, and become a member here

New Protected Bike Lanes on Sixth Avenue and Beech Street

San Diego is moving forward with its Downtown Mobility Plan, recently adding protected bikeways to Sixth Avenue, from Beech Street to Harbor Drive, as well as on Beech Street, from Pacific Highway to Sixth AvenueThis is just the first phase of a connected nine-mile network of cycle tracks that will eventually cover downtown.   

The new lanes have received significant attention from local news outlets including CBS 8Times of San Diego, and KPBS. 

Union Tribune article quotes our Executive Director, Colin Parent emphasizing how bike safety interventions can be “really powerful and really transformative — without breaking the bank.” 

The City of San Diego is taking important steps to make streets safer and meet its Vision Zero and Climate Action Plan goals. Let’s keep this momentum going and give San Diego the safe, comprehensive bike network it deserves! 

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