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Circulator - 11/1/2019

Check out this week's featured stories:

1. 2019 Momentum Awards Recap

2. SDAPA’s Inaugural Planners Book Club 

3. Circulate at CicloSDias 2019

4. Live Well Advance 2019 

5. Transit for Fun with Senior Walking and Singing Group 


2019 Momentum Awards Recap

With over 350 guests in attendance, the 2019 Momentum Awards was a tremendous success! 

We want to thank everyone who attended the Gala, including our generous corporate sponsors. This night definitely could not have been as successful as it was without you.  

Thank you to our amazing staff, development committee and vendors for organizing this special event.   

Lastly, congratulations to all of the 2019 award winners! Check out the winners here!

SDAPA’s Inaugural Planners Book Club 

What:  San Diego Section of the American Planning Association's Inaugural Planners Book Club

Book: Transit-Oriented Displacement or Community Dividends?: Understanding the Effects of Smarter Growth on Communities

When: Tuesday, November 19, 2019, 5:30-8 pm

Where: UCSD, Price Center Theatre

Contact: [email protected], (858) 534-3016
  1. Download the FREE BOOK, Transit-Oriented Displacement or Community Dividends?: Understanding the Effects of Smarter Growth on Communities
  2. Read the book
  3. RSVP for Planners Book Club:
  4. Join us for a lively discussion with the authors

Sponsors: SDAPA, UCSD Urban Studies & Planning, WTS

 Circulate at CicloSDias 2019

We took the streets back on Sunday October 27, 2019 for San Diego’s annual CicloSDias event. It was a marvelous sight to see the streets absent of cars and filled with smiling people skating, rolling, and strolling by!

Circulate SD participated by hosting two booth stations with a protected bikeway connecting the two. Activities included scooter demos, biking in the spooky protected bike lane, and a coloring rest area for all ages. We also had funky temporary sharrows and folks were able to take the pledge to be safe – as a pedestrian, bicyclist, scooter-er, skater, and driver. Just one more reminder that we are all in this together to keep our roadways safe!

Check out our Facebook album to see more photos from the event.

Thank you to our partners at the Office of Traffic Safety, The County of San Diego HHSA, and Lyft for making this event possible. 

Live Well Advance 2019 

Circulate San Diego participated in the fourth annual Live Well Advance: Uniting for Impact hosted by the County of San Diego. The event brought together thousands of partners and stakeholders to network, learn about new tools and best practices to advance our shared vision of a healthy, safe and thriving San Diego region.

Danielle Berger, Director of Planning, spoke on a joint panel with the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, Bike San Diego, and San Diego Climate Action Campaign about the importance of communication, messaging, and branding to create successful community events. The panel presentation focused on the  immensely successful “Safe Streets For All” bicycle ride through North Park in August 2019. 

Transit for Fun with Senior Walking & Singing Group

Circulate San Diego recently hosted a Transit for Fun event with Gary and Mary West Senior Wellness Center's, "Stepping For Fitness" walking group. Not only are these seniors avid walkers, but their walking group doubles as a performance singing group! For the seniors, it was their first time taking public transportation from San Diego to Coronado, but for Circulate SD, this was our very first Transit for Fun sing-along!

After traveling over the bridge on the 901 bus, the group performed oldies as we walked along the central business district of Orange Avenue and Coronado beach. As an added bonus, Circulate Planner, Angelica Rocha studied up on local historical facts to share during singing intermissions. We looped around the Hotel Del Coronado with one final performance at the Adella Avenue and Orange Avenue 901 transit stop. We had so much fun meeting these individuals and showing them somewhere new they can travel to on public transportation.

Thank you to MTS for graciously donating transit passes for these events. This is a project funded partly by SANDAG and the City of San Diego.