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Lincoln Cluster Clean Mobility in Schools

Lincoln Cluster Clean Mobility in Schools

The Lincoln Cluster Clean Mobility in Schools pilot program is made possible by a $9.6 million grant awarded by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to the San Diego Unified School District to bring clean transportation to schools located in areas of the state most heavily impacted by pollution. The program serves the 14 schools in the Lincoln High School Cluster and includes 13 electric school buses, electric food delivery trucks, electric landscaping and maintenance equipment, an electric van and carpool vehicle, a large electric vehicle for community events, charging stations, and battery storage to support the electric buses with clean energy. There are also 32 electric bikes as part of a pilot program for participating Lincoln students and staff.

Circulate is participating in the program as part of the education and outreach team, leading efforts for students and parents around the benefits of clean mobility options like walking and biking. One such effort includes customized information on the safest routes to walk and bike around each of their schools. The Lincoln Cluster Safe Routes to School Map is a free and interactive online tool intended to assist students, parents, and school staff members with trip planning for sustainable modes of active transportation. 

Click here to access the interactive Lincoln Cluster Safe Routes to School map

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