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Cortez Mobility Assessment

Circulate was commissioned by the Downtown San Diego Partnership to work with the Cortez Hill Actie Residents Group to release the Cortez Mobility Assessment and Recommendations Report. The report provides recommendations to improve pedestrian safety and increase mobility options in the Cortez neighborhood of Downtown San Diego.

The mobility assessment took place from July to November 2019 and included a review of existing documents, an online survey, neighborhood walk audit, and a community workshop. In addition to providing short, medium, and long-term recommendation the report serves as a record of the community’s input and provides evidence of the community’s concerns and preferences.

In 2020, Circulate San Diego and DSDP began implementing some of the short-term recommendations contained in the report. The project included an interactive walking route, street name decals, and the launch of a program to retrofit public right of way to better serve neighbors and local businesses.