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Words matter. #CrashNotAccident is a campaign to educate San Diegans about our role preventing traffic deaths and serious injuries by acknowledging that crashes are not merely accidents but the result of human error and systemic decisions. Last year, 44 pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicle and motorcycle drivers lost their lives unnecessarily on San Diego streets.

The Associated Press Stylebook articulates why #CrashNotAccident is important for residents, reporters, and local government to adopt: the word accident “can be read as exonerating the person responsible.”

We don’t call a plane crash an accident. We don’t call drunk driving an accident. Traffic crashes are preventable, they are not accidents.

We can no longer accept death and serious injuries on San Diego streets as inevitable or simply the cost of doing business. We can and must do more to save lives so that all San Diegans can walk, bike, or drive without risking life or limb.

About Crash Not Accident Campaign

Crash Not Accident is a campaign led by Circulate San Diego, with funding from California Office of Traffic Safety.

Crash Not Accident Panel

Circulate San Diego lead a discussion about the Crash Not Accident movement nationally and the ways language shapes our perception of traffic violence on August 6th.

Watch the panel here.

Crash Not Accident Resources

As a part of Circulate San Diego's Crash Not Accident campaign, we have prepared a variety of educational resources.

They may be viewed and downloaded here.

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