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PRESS RELEASE: Curbside San Diego Pilot Project Launches at Achilles Coffee Roasters, Cortez, Downtown San Diego


Contact: Danielle Berger, Director of Planning

619-508-9188 | [email protected]

Curbside San Diego Pilot Project Launches at Achilles Coffee Roasters, Cortez, Downtown San Diego

SAN DIEGO (June 5, 2020) –  Today Achilles Coffee Roasters in the Cortez Hill Neighborhood of Downtown San Diego installed temporary curbside treatments (designated waiting areas, ordering area pavement decals, and a pick-up parking area) as the first Curbside San Diego Pilot Project in Downtown.

When: Friday, June 5th, beginning at 6:30 am.

Where: Achilles Coffee Roasters, 703 Ash Street, San Diego, CA 92101 (note there are several Achilles Downtown, this project will take place on 7th and Ash Street in Cortez Hill).

Who: Circulate San Diego, in partnership with the Downtown San Diego Partnership, Cortez Hill Active Residents Group, and Achilles Coffee Roasters, will kick off the Curbside San Diego Pilot Project.

What: The temporary curbside treatments at Achilles Coffee Roasters is the first example of how businesses can participate and implement quick-build COVID-19 response improvements through the new Curbside San Diego program.

The Curbside San Diego program, spearheaded by the Downtown San Diego Partnership, involves the repurposing of streets, sidewalk and parking spaces in support of COVID-19 protocols and economic recovery. The Curbside San Diego program is a response to the San Diego County COVID-19 business safety protocols and the need for economic recovery.

Circulate San Diego submitted a letter to County elected officials on May 21, with recommendations for the development of a Curbside Permit and creation of design guidelines for easy implementation. Read more about Circulate San Diego’s letter to elected officials here and the letter about Curbside San Diego that came from the Downtown San Diego Partnership and partners here.

The temporary curbside renovation will demonstrate how other businesses will be able to implement similar strategies in the near future. See the design illustration below.

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