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About the walk

This walk along the city’s old Historic Route 395 is a 1.6-mile loop in historic downtown. The Grand Avenue corridor is a great place to enjoy locals’ favorite cafés and the Maple Street Pedestrian Plaza. If you’re looking for a meal or beverage made from locally grown or organic produce this is the walk for you. Make sure to stop by one of the delicous cafes to try a delicious hand-crafted beverage, a creamy fresh gelato, or a healthy organic whole food meal. Destinations along the walk include EscoGelato, Kettle Coffee and Tea, Swami’s Café, and the Maple Street Pedestrian Plaza.

This route consists of primarily main street sidewalks. Make sure to check the business hours if you plan on stopping at any of the points of interest.

Click here to view the Escondido Downtown Cafe Walk in a larger map.