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Published 9/11/19

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Report Summary

Facilitating Access to Coordinated Transportation (FACT) provides transportation options for seniors, people with disabilities, and San Diegans that need help getting around the region. FACT is a cost-effective specialized transportation provider that fills transportation gaps through their dial-a-ride service, RideFACT.

RideFACT provides transportation for people who do not qualify for ADA paratransit or other transportation programs. In addition to RideFACT, FACT maintains a database of current transportation providers Countywide, refers individuals to other transportation providers if they are eligible for existing programs, and provides transportation services for public agencies through contracted services.

This report analyzes data from thousands of trips in FY 2018 provided by FACT as well as input from an advisory committee formed by Circulate San Diego, to determine FACT’s regional impact.

FACT’s customer base self-identify as people with disabilities, almost equally split between low income and not low income people, and mostly 60 years old or older. Most trips provided by RideFACT are for medical purposes, at a combined 60 percent of all documented trips. Social trips are the second most common purpose and provide an important lifeline for seniors and people with disabilities. RideFACT is able to provide trips to San Diegans at well below the national average cost per trip. Based on reported data for RideFACT service for FY 2018, FACT’s average purchase cost per passenger trip was $23.48. This is well below the cost of the average trip per rider nationally, which averages $37.69 for the type of transportation RideFACT provides. Locally, FACT’s innovative brokerage model has resulted in cost savings for jurisdictions that hire FACT to provide contracted services; it has also created win-win partnerships with the local private transportation industry.

Freedom of movement is vital to maintain a high quality of life for seniors and people with disabilities. No other service in San Diego provides seamless transportation across the County at a reasonable cost for people who do not qualify for other options.

  • As a CTSA, FACT maintains and shares information about transportation providers and programs Countywide.
  • FACT refers people in need of transportation to existing programs that may fit their
  • If no such fit exists, FACT provides subsidized rides through its RideFACT program using its unique brokerage
  • FACT leverages its brokerage to support partner agencies in providing competitively priced trips through contracted

By providing more rides with limited funding through the brokerage, as well as promoting consistent prices and policies across jurisdictions, local jurisdictions, hospitals, and even the private sector could benefit from cost- effectively serving the growing senior population and people with disabilities.

  • Maya Rosas
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