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Farewell: Danielle Berger

In keeping with our tradition, we ask our team members to share a few last words about the great work they have done and their experience with us.

Tell us a bit about your time at Circulate (planning, policy, roles, how long).

I’ve spent the past two years leading the planning team of the organization and have had the pleasure of working with some incredible staff and partners. It was quite the learning experience to lead the team through the COVID-19 pandemic and I’m proud to say we all weathered the storm quite well.


What was your favorite part of working at Circulate?

My staff was hands down the highlight of working at Circulate. It was an honor to collaborate with such smart, talented individuals on a daily basis to deliver creative, high-quality deliverables in support of the organization’s mission.


What are your favorite projects or accomplishments from your time at Circulate?

A highlight from my time at Circulate was partnering with the Downtown San Diego Partnership on the CurbsideSD effort. This initiative promoted the creative and flexible use of the public right-of-way as a response to impacts to businesses during the economic shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Circulate lead the design and installation of the initiative’s pilot project with Achilles Coffee in June 2020. The project was well received by the community and media and paved the way for several other Curbside SD projects across Downtown.


Optional: What are you doing next, and what are your career plans

Anchors aweigh!