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Farewell: Jesse O'Sullivan

In keeping with our tradition, we ask our team members to share a few last words about the great work they have done and their experience with us.

Tell us a bit about your time at Circulate (planning, policy, roles, how long).  
I worked as policy counsel at Circulate for two and a half years. My work included writing and publishing 6 reports and numerous policy letters. I also managed our campaign successful in support of community planning group reform (thank you to everyone who supported!). I campaigned for safer streets, more homes, and better public transportation. I built and managed coalitions, lobbied public officials and gave public testimony. It has been meaningful and satisfying to have a hand in so many important issues.

What was your favorite part of working at Circulate 
I am proud to have been able to work to make San Diego a more affordable, inclusive, sustainable, vibrant city. I am grateful to have gotten to know so many advocates and public servants who care so deeply about San Diego.

What are your favorite projects or accomplishments from your time at Circulate?
Our Making the Most of the Mid-Coast report was an enormous effort that brought together diverse stakeholders and a broad set of issues into one document. The Mid-Coast Trolley extension is a huge opportunity for San Diego and our work will help to maximize it.

I am proud to have worked through multiple budget cycles and legislative sessions to prevent deaths and injuries on our streets. I am particularly honored to have worked with dedicated people like Laura Keenan and other members of Families for Safe Streets San Diego.

Community Planning Group reform was an enormous legislative accomplishment that brought CPGs into alignment with the city charter, and took steps to create a more inclusive public engagement process.

Thank you to Circulate and to everyone I have worked with for the opportunity to help make San Diego a better place.