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Farewell: Morgen Ruby

farewell: morgen ruby

In keeping with our tradition, we ask our team members to share a few last words about the great work they have done and their experience with us.

Tell us a bit about your time at Circualte (planning, policy, roles, how long).

As an Associate Planner at Circulate, I was able to gain experience in project management, community engagement, business development, and grant writing as part of a small team. I loved working on such a small team at a local scale, and working towards a more vibrant San Diego.

What was your favorite part of working at Circulate?

My favorite part about working at Circulate was forming connections with community members and organizations. It is inspiring to learn about the work local groups are doing to contribute to safer, healthier neighborhoods across the San Diego region and the people behind the process. At Circulate, I exercised creative and innovative thinking to draft engagement tools and simplify complex data in a digestible format for residents. It’s great to see the impact of our work firsthand.

What are your favorite projects or accomplishments from your time at Circulate?

I loved working in the southeast neighborhood of San Diego. Residents are passionate to see positive change and their voice and experiences are an important piece of the work we do. To help educate folks on traffic calming, I designed a 12 foot x 36 foot remote control car course, paired with educational boards to convey the importance of slowing down cars and possible solutions geared at all ages. A tool that was created for the southeast neighborhood has now been used across the San Diego region and even as far as Cathedral City.

What are you doing next, and what are your career plans?

I will still be working in the field of active transportation in San Diego and have the opportunity to work closely with Circulate staff members as well as the connections I have formed across the region.