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Farewell: Zack DeFazio-Farrell

In keeping with our tradition, we ask our team members to share a few last words about the great work they have done and their experience with us.

Tell us a bit about your time at Circulate.

I interned at Circulate over the summer for about three months. I spent much of that time researching public transit and housing policy, writing public records act requests, and drinking all the coffee in the break room.

What was your favorite part of working at Circulate.

The staff! Everyone was really welcoming and outgoing. I enjoyed delving into some pretty interesting policy research which kept me busy. Working downtown was also really great; I could walk around the corner for lunch or coffee and bump into people I knew. Also, Octavio’s one-liners were hilarious. “We went to Lynwood, we’re going to Montebello, we’re tearing it up”!

What are your favorite projects or accomplishments from your time at Circulate?

The policy memo I contributed to is my favorite project and biggest accomplishment I’d say. I really poured my heart and soul into it and hope it serves Circulate well.

What are you doing next, and what are your career plans?

Back to school for me! I’ve got a year left of school at USD Law so I’ve got to wrap that up. As far as career plans go, I am planning on heading into a career in transactional law (business/corporate regarding US-Mexico trade and investment). I hope at some point land use and transportation can be a part of that.