February Board Poll

This poll has two questions. The first is to approve a resolution required by the County of San Diego to submit a Community Enhancement Program grant application. The second is a request to approve five members of the Events Committee.

Please complete the poll no later than 5:00 PM on Friday, February 26, 2016.

Do you feel that Circulate San Diego should support SANDAG's new Skyway concept (Aerial gondolas)?

SANDAG recently introduced a new transit concept for the region: the Skyway. A ballot measure may likely address funding needs for two Skyway projects. One project connects the Mid-Coast UCSD station to Sorrento Mesa via Sorrento Valley Coaster station. The other connects Pacific Beach to the Mid-Coast Balboa Station. These projects could be a great asset for tourism and would also improve the utility of the Mid-Coast Trolley and provide an alternative to driving on I-805 for people working in Sorrento Valley. They would provide fewer direct benefits for low income communities.

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