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About the walk

Golden Hill is one of San Diego’s most historic and architecturally interesting neighborhoods. Construction began in the late 1870s, and by the 1920s the community was completely developed. Golden Hill offers beautiful historic scenery with an array of architectural styles to appreciate. While walking through the park, take time to appreciate the serene environment preserved right outside the urban core. The park offers spectacular views and places to relax. Once you leave the park, you will pass the Golden Hill Community Garden, which was created in 2004 and is maintained by community members.

All ages are recommended to take this walk—kids will love the grassy park and community garden, while adults can appreciate and enjoy the views of downtown and the community’s architectural history, as well as the businesses along the main street corridor.

This walk is approximately one mile and should take around twenty minutes. During your walk you will travel on neighborhood sidewalks, along the Golden Hill community park’s pathway, and down Russ Boulevard alley to the community garden. Due to the age of this neighborhood you may find that some of the walking infrastructure is in need of repair, so always watch your step.

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