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How to Join Your CPG

Are you interested in helping your community thrive? Learn about Community Planning Groups (CPGs) in the City of San Diego with panelists who will share the ins and outs of community planning!

Community Planning Groups provide important feedback to the city about future growth, transportation options, and community needs. We'll hear from current and former CPG members about their experience: How they got involved, what they do on their CPG, and why it matters.

If you've never heard of CPGs or are considering running for a CPG seat, please join us and ask questions at this event. Confirmed panelists include:

  • Karen Montufar-Federico, Chollas Valley CPG
  • Samantha Jenkins, Skyline Paradise Hills Planning Committee
  • Chelsea Klaseus, Southeastern CPG
  • Christie Hill, Chollas Valley CPG
  • Eric Henson (moderator)

This event is co-hosted by San Diego Leadership Alliance and made possible with support from San Diego Gas & Electric.