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Intern Spotlight: Charles Kreuzberger

Circulate's new legal intern, Charles Kreuzberger has joined us for the summer. We're excited to welcome him to the team. Read his intro/spotlight to learn more about him.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

IMG-0988.jpgI am originally from South Carolina, but have lived in San Diego for 3 years.  I joined the U.S. Navy, and attended college at the United States Naval Academy in 2005.  After graduation, I commissioned and served in the Navy for 8.5 years as a submarine officer.  I came to San Diego during my last tour in the Navy, and started law school at USD.  I am married with two young children, and live in the Tierrasanta community.  

How did you become interested in Circulate San Diego?

I became interested in Circulate San Diego when Colin Parent gave a presentation at USD law school.  After some research, I really became interested in the mass transit and affordable housing initiatives that Circulate was conducting.  The organization really seemed to be at the forefront of these advocacy initiatives, which are areas of law that I would like to pursue after graduation. 

Or What is your biggest achievement to date?

My biggest achievement is the ongoing process of raising my two young children.  The challenge and enjoyment of watching them grow and learn brings joy to me every single day.  The responsibility in shaping future generations of leaders is one that is not lost on me, and I would like to think that my actions convey to my children that striving to make the community better for all residence is a noble calling.  

Why are you most excited to be part of Circulate San Diego? 

I am most excited about the policy work surrounding affordable housing and mass transit initiatives.  I think there is great potential for San Diego to make strides in being more pedestrian friendly.  I see one of the first steps in this process to be getting people to want to take mass transit and move away from personal vehicles.  The advocacy that Circulate is doing in this area is really exciting, and I look forward to being part of the team.