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About the walk

This 2.6-mile stroll along the Bayshore Bikeway begins at 10th Avenue, the location of the former South San Diego Boat Landing, of A land boom in 1887 resulted in the construction of Imperial Beach, built for people escaping the heat of the Imperial Valley. On the first bike bridge look south over Pond 20 stretching through Egger Highlands to Palm Ave. From the second bike bridge enjoy the expansive view of the Otay River winding its way through the tidelands to the Salt Ponds.  The turning point, the Swiss Park and Club, is the location of the former Maria Arguello Wilson wooden home. The house was built in 1863 on her parent’s ranch, the Arguello’s Adobe, only 200 yards from the salt ponds in 1832. It was the oldest building in San Diego until it was torn down to build Interstate 5. This is the halfway point at 1.3 miles.

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