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Letter: Central Mobility Hub Draft EIR – Analyzing for Airline Passenger and Airport Workers

Circulate submitted a letter to request that SANDAG consider the geometric inefficiency of its proposed airport connector when it creates its Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the proposed Central Mobility Hub at the NAVWAR site. The currently proposed Airport Connector begins at San Diego International Airport and travels east along Harbor Drive before turning North and connecting to the Central Mobility Hub.

As shown in the graphic below, this orientation would force travelers coming from the south and the east to travel an extra 1.5 miles north to reach the Central Mobility Hub, and then double back on the Airport Connector. This creates an extra 3 miles for every trip coming from that direction.

Circulate’s request requires SANDAG to consider this inefficiency and alternative routing when doing its transportation analysis for the Central Mobility Hub. Circulate also requested that the EIR consider employee access to the airport, pedestrian access to the Central Mobility Hub, and Airport Connector integration with the Airport terminal. Read the full letter here. [pdf]

Proposed Airport Connector with route from downtown in pink