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Letter: Oppose AB 371 – Insurance for Shared Mobility Devices

Circulate San Diego submitted a letter opposing AB 371, which would place onerous insurance mandates on micromobility operators. Micromobility programs are a new and promising piece of the future of clean transportation. Bikeshare and dockless micromobility programs can reduce vehicle miles travelled by providing an alternative to the car for short trips. Moreover, they extend the reach of existing transit systems by giving riders a way to get from a transit station to a destination that is out of walking distance.

AB 371 would require an operators to purchase liability insurance coverage for the negligent conduct of a shared mobility device rider. This requirement would be a legal anomaly. Rental car companies are not liable for the negligence of their drivers. Cyclists and scooter riders are not required to purchase liability insurance. To require micromobility operators to purchase liability insurance for their riders’ negligence would be unfair and would be an outlier in the scheme of existing law. Read the full letter here [pdf].