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Cover_Photo.jpgCirculate San Diego and the Climate Action Campaign published a report "New Climate for Transportation," detailing the transportation outcomes compelled by the City of San Diego's Climate Action Plan. 

Read the report online here.

The City of San Diego’s proposed Climate Action Plan commits the City to change the way people get to work. Not only is transportation important for economic development, lifestyle, and social equity, it is a crucial component to reducing the risks from climate change.

The purpose of the CAP is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) in the City of San Diego and to protect our quality of life.

Some of the mobility strategies outlined in the CAP must be implemented at the regional level by SANDAG—not by the City alone. However, San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan, SANDAG's long range transportation plan, projects transit, walking, and bicycling levels far smaller in the City of San Diego than what is called for by the CAP.

First_Graph.jpgThe City of San Diego’s climate goals call for 50 percent of commuters living near transit to bicycle, walk, or take transit to work. However, according to SANDAG’s own data, their plans will result in less than 15 percent for those same areas in the City of San Diego. 

SANDAG’s own projections show that it is mathematically impossible for the City of San Diego to achieve its transit and active transportation goals with the transportation network SANDAG is currently planning. 

The City of San Diego must use the influence of its SANDAG Board members to ensure the region prioritizes sufficient funding to meet the transit and active transportation goals of the CAP.