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Safe Routes to Parks Survey

Safe Routes to Parks Survey

Public green spaces are distributed inequitably across the city of San Diego. Hispanic and Latin residents and residents with low incomes have 54 percent and 55 percent less access to park space, respectively, relative to the city median—and research demonstrates that lack of access to these spaces has an adverse effect on overall quality of life.

To better understand the barriers that prevent many residents from accessing these spaces, Circulate San Diego is asking San Diego Promise Zone residents to voice their concerns regarding transportation infrastructure, access to public green space, and health equity.

The findings from this short 10-question survey will allow Circulate to identify potential quick-build treatments and draft city placemaking permit applications to take immediate action!


Please click here for the Spanish survey. 

Please click here for the English survey. 


This work is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Using Local Data to Address Structural Racism grant program. Parks selected for the survey were chosen through an intensive data analysis process examining things like crashes involving bicyclists or pedestrians, average driving speeds, bike infrastructure, sidewalk network, and more. An interactive online map displaying all of this data can be accessed here