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presser.jpgUnfortunately, today the SANDAG Board votes to approve a flawed Regional Plan, the work continues. SANDAG is currently preparing a regional "Quality of Life" measure that may give voters an opportunity to fund acceleration of transit and active transportation projects.

SANDAG’s Regional Plan assumes a Quality of Life measure that generates a 1/4 cent sales tax over a 30 year period. Yet, SANDAG is currently contemplating a 1/2 cent sales tax over a 40 year period–more than twice the Quality of Life revenue contemplated by the Draft 2015 Regional Plan.

With additional resources, SANDAG will have substantially more funding flexibility to advance transit and active transportation projects into earlier periods of the region’s transportation plan. If the Regional Plan represents what SANDAG is willing to do today, Quality of Life should represent our aspirations for tomorrow.

Check out our Op-Ed in the Voice of San Diego to learn more about our position on the Regional Plan.